WildBlue Satellite Internet Service Customers Speak Out

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WildBlue Sucks! In my opinion, and in the opinions of many others (see below), WildBlue Satellite Internet “Service” sucks!

I don’t recommend WildBlue to anyone. It is worse than dial up since it is very often just as slow SLOWER than dial-up, it is much less reliable than dial up, and it is a lot more expensive.

Summer thunderstorms and Winter weather very often means no WildBlue Internet access despite my $79.95 monthly payments so I sometimes have to use my dial-up account from another ISP with it’s connect speeds of 42-48 kbps but at least it doesn’t go down due to weather like WildBlue does.

WildBlue is a big ripoff! I pay broadband prices for dial-up-like speeds, with frequent service interruptions and without the reliability of a dial-up connection. It doesn’t really help knowing that many other WildBlue Satellite Internet service customers are also getting poor service for their money. See what other WildBlue users have to say from the emails and via the links below.

If you want to file a complaint about problems with WildBlue Satellite Internet Service, the State of Colorado (home of WildBlue’s corporate office) has a consumer protection division that handles consumer complaints and problems. Here is their contact information: Telephone: 303-866-5125; Consumer Line: 800-222-4444; Colorado Attorney General’s Office: 303-866-4500;

email: attorney.general@state.co.us ;

online consumer complaint form:


Got your own WildBlue horror story? Use the Contact Form to tell us about your WildBlue experience and we’ll post it on this site.

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Emails from other WildBlue customers

The emails listed here are the opinions of the email writers and not necessarily those of WildBlue-Sucks.com. Each message posted below came from an individual email sent to this site via the email submission form. All messages are posted as received without any editing or correction. This site reserves the right to deny publication of messages sent by those who are not WildBlue customers, or who are WildBlue agents, contractors, employees or representatives. This site is a forum for dissatisfied WildBlue Satellite Internet customers to express themselves about their own WildBlue customer experience.



After reading the articles i canceled one day before installation. thank you for this website and spreading the word on this terrible service.




0) Their official (?) Forum signup captcha doesn’t work…so in frustration I landed here.  New customer of their ‘excede’ service since June 2012.

1) Their implementation of passwords and usernames and attempts to tie in to Google’s service(?) + their own legacy admin stuff(?)is a disaster.

2) They’ve got some trouble serving customers with routers (and who doesn’t use a router these days!?!)  I get quite good service for days at a time, then the service blinks out every 10 minutes while it gets a new DHCP lease or something.  This goes on for days at a time as well.  Someone on their forum said she was getting a wrong netmask from their DHCP.  If this is so, the San Diego Zoo Primate Center must double as their NOC.  I don’t see that problem currently on my router and am still having the problems.  They were going to send a tech out to replace my TRIA and/or modem, but when I discovered how widespread the problem was (which coincided with the service working well again for a time) I canceled.  Waste of time and money…it’s amazing that they can stay in business doing that.  Now the problem is back and has been for a few days.

When the ‘exede’ service works, it works quite well…or did when I first got it.  To my surprise it is actually feasible to do some of my work from home (which involves a lot of ssh connections to remote unix machines which, if they break in the middle of a session, is a very disruptive thing.)  When the service suck, it sucks.  It’s hard to believe that a satellite telecom operator could be so flaky and screwed up in so many ways and for so long without identifying and fixing their issues.  It is actually sub-par to what one would expect from a mom-n-pop ISP.




Wild Blue sales flat out lied about their speed and ability to alow me to work from home(VPN access). They charged me 150 bucks to install and 49 dollars for the first months service that was unusable. They still advertise on line that they are faster than DSL, another lie. They did however not charge me a early cancelation fee but would not refund my install fee. Unless this is the only internet service you have I would not use Wild blue ever.




Wildblue is crap. Have it because that is all that I could get in rural Litchfield MN. Sold through Meeker Co-Op Electric.  Just picked up a Verizon 4G LTE hotspot and now have broadband speeds and no overages for $50.00 per month. After six years called to cancel and was told I need to give 30 days notice and now have to pay for June also! Can’t wait to take that piece of crap dish to the dump. Total waste of money. Oh ya, when you call be ready for the sales pitch for Excede. Another $300.00 install and 24 month contract. What a joke. Thank you Verizon!!!!




I am so sick of wildBlue!!!! It is slower then AT&T dail-up. Can’t download or upload half the time. Right in the middle of doing something((((reconnect)))). I have complained time and time again. They talk you into a bigger package and it’s NO BETTER!!! I’m paying more than $80 a month now and it’s not any better…..




this company sucks blocks me off line time to time raised my bill for know reason and then slowed my service




I have read practically all the comments on this site and I am so thankful that I am not the only one.

I have had Wildblue for 4 years now and it totally sucks,…I spend 2 hours a day online and I am constantly fighting with the usage issue for my 30 day quota???


I am paying for the highest package available and get dial up results!

They sent a survey out recently and boy oh boy I had a fun time filling that out.

I am still waiting for broadband to be placed along my road and when that day happens I will disconnect from Wildblue and throw a huge party and burn my satellite dish  :-)

You would think they would care about the complaints that most of their customers have but,…they know their empire before new technology has gotten more advanced is collapsing slowly but surely and they don’t care!

It would be nice if Wildblue cared enough to look into these complaints and tried to solve some issues,..most of us who have Wildblue obviously don’t have another option for internet service and are at their mercy,… I have heard Wildblue’s competitor isn’t any better.




We’ve been using wild blue for quite a while now, and it sucks worse than dial up. If you are lucky, you may get connection speeds of up to 50 kbps, but nothing over that. That’s about as fast as dial up. I mean who the hell would pay $70.00 a month for Internet that is SLOWER than dial up ands has that stupid 7.5 GB limit, when you can go with dial up which is FASTER and CHEAPER. and you can’t do shit on wild blue like watch YouTube and play games online over PSN, one because it’s so damn slow, and two because you’ll go over the limit in no time. ANY  BODY WITH A BRAIN WOULD NOT INVEST THEIR HARD EARNED CASH INTO THIS HORRIBLE SERVICE >:(




I had Wild Blue 5 years. It got slower and slower. I canceled and I knew I had a refund comming, and they told me I did. After 3 calls they say now no refund. They made 2 paid one month in advance. I have not got that back and I canceled 01/01/2012. Please stay away from Wild Blue.




We had Wildblue for 5 years. It was junk the whole time. The trouble is, that’s all we could get out here besides Hughesnet, and Hughes wasn’t as well known when we got Wildblue. Anyway, the “tria” on the dish went out at least 3 times when it rained. So we had to call Dish Network to have them come fix it. At night especially, you may get a download speed as fast as 16KB/s. On a good night you might get 33KB/s and if it’s really good, you may get 54, but that’s in the night or daytime when everyone else using wildblue is asleep or at work. Then at the beginning of March, we went over our download limit of 7.5GB and we got a “FAP” violation. They e-mailed us and told us they were going to slow us down to dial-up speed. Well when we would try to download, it would go at 1.3KB/s! I mean, come on! How can they get away with this? Needless to say, we got a new ISP and told Dish Network to come get their crap. They came yesterday and tried to tell us about their new satellite internet service. As if I’d ever go back to satellite!




I too think the service SUX!!!!  I have had Wild-Blue for 5 years at least and was very happy until last summer when all of a sudden my internet did not work.  I had a SAT violation.  WHAT????  Never heard of it and they never said anything about that when I originally signed up after being on a waiting list.  Thank goodness I am over my contract period and do not have to put up with this crap.  I live way out in the country and I cannot even download a pdf file right now and it has been this way for 2 weeks!!!  Help arrives this Saturday with Hughes Net.  Thank GOD for Market Competition.  If I had seen so many people unhappy with Wild Blue as listed on this web site I would have never ever been a subscriber to begin with.  I hate changing anything this late in my life and I can tell you they will spend hundreds in advertising trying to get me back.  Once I make the move, I will not go back.  SAVE YOUR POSTAGE !!!!!




I just moved to a rural town and the house we are renting already has a WildBlue dish on the roof. So I gave them a call and paid their “account set up” fee. I scheduled an appointment and thought everything was going to be golden. I just started a brand new job, so to make it home (an hour drive each way) for the installer in time, I worked late one day during the week so I could get off early on the day of the appointment. Well no one showed up! Not even a phone call. So I called customer service and as always I was on hold at least 30 minutes. They apologized and gave me a free month of service. They said I had to wait 48-72 hours to get a call back for a reschedule. I got a call back 3 days later saying they actually called the installers and they made room for my appointment on a Saturday. I waited ALL DAY on that Saturday and another no show and of course no phone call. I called customer service again and was on hold 20 minutes and then I got the “our department is now closed.” I had to wait till the next day to get a hold of someone. I was apologized to again and then told to be patient and to wait another 48-72 hours to get a call back-by a supervisor mind you. Like I haven’t already been patient! I’m currently waiting to hear back from them. After reading all these reviews, I’m cancelling my account!!!




I unplug my modem when I am not using Wildblue, yet my usage will go up while it is unplugged until I go over my usage.  I have had WB for years, and about 2 years ago it seems like all of a sudden I couldn’t look at my computer without violating their fair access policy! 3 years ago I played a lot of games and did a lot of work online, and never ONCE went over my usage, now I do it almost every month doing far less that I did back then. On top of that, when they say I have been cut back to dial up speed, what they really mean is I can’t go anywhere or do anything online. It’s pathetic!




Hi, My name is Victor, an i used wildblue internet service for no more than 3 to 4 hrs., anyway i then called wildblue an told them that the internet service is not at all what (Wildblue) told me they would provide for me which was high speed internet service, an i told them that it was not in my best interest as the customer. I told them the service that they offered me was very slow. Then my girl friend looked at the paperwork an notice to her attention that my name was electronically signed by the installer from his laptop then he left. Me victor, an my girlfriend Diane want to file a complaint about problems with WildBlue Satellite Internet Service. me an my girlfriend diane live together, but the card that was used is in her name. She then called back an explaind what happen To the guy named Darryl he then took the complaint an canceled the order which he gave us the sash#,etr no charge #,cancelation ticket#, plus he told us the we would recieve a refund in 3 to 5 days,an this all started in (1/11/12.)We got refunded what we gave them for the service, but then in feb. we started recieving a charge of $13.32 for the mth of feb. now why were we charged this to are acct. when services was canceled, then we called then for taking money out of our acct. unauthorized waited for them to credit the $13.32 that they took out, waited tell march. This is how they did it, they credit our acct. for the $13.32 they owed us, but they then turned around, an made another charge to our acct.of $47.60. Then we called then an asked why are they still charging us when when we’ve been canceled since jan., but all they’ll do is put you on hold to speak to the superviser,or either tell you that they well refund you in 3to5 business days which is a big fat lie,anyway we did’nt get that yet an were still waitting for the refund an got an overdraft fee of $34.00 an because it has taken so along we just recieved extended overdraft charge of $15.00 dallors. please, I’m in need of your asistance before other overdraft charges continue accure. thank you, sincerly
Victor, an Diane




Wildblue did not give even a third of what I was paying for. On speed tests, Wildblue fails miserably! They wanted me to upgrade and in the same sentence admit that my usage is very low. Troubleshooting does not help. Note: Wildblue piggy backs off HughesNet. “No to Wildblue!!!”




I CONCUR with the complaints listed on this website. I have lost EXCESSIVE business due to Wild Blue’s connection so called policy. I at least was smart enough to keep my Earthlink dial up account, which by the by is MUCH faster than Wild Blue. I am posting my complaint on my Facebook page, calling the Colorado Attorney General’s office to voice my complaint and calling the Colorado Consumer Complaint division. I just called Wild Blue’s customer service line. When I voiced my complaint and asked for the rep’s name, he hung up on me.




Yep.. They do bite the big one….

I was once online (since I have to monitor the routers I have here) and I figured we were under the FAP clause again (they have a knee jerk response program going on nowadays) and I actually caught the “switchover” from the throttled group of router IP’s we were in, to the “commoner” group of router IP’s I was a part of (groups are noted by the plans they are made a part of)

Well guess what speed I was clocking for a good 60 seconds before the transfer was completed to my normal IP group? well over the 1.5 gig promised, in fact I felt like a kid in the candy store eating his/her first piece of candy!..

I downloaded a file of well over 200mb in less then a minute!..

Then of course I got pulled from the cache and put into my group, and the speeds dropped to the normal throttling rate they give us “serf” for every month usage (they never caught the load I put on it though, apparently the software bit buckets the cache files LOL)..

They have “FAR” more bandwidth available then they let on, and I was able to enjoy it (even if only briefly) for a minute…

They suck (plain and simple) because they have more capacity then they let people know about…

I suppose I could keep monitoring the systems they have and I would eventually build a reverse engineered picture of their entire operations, but what the point right?.. As soon as a tower here gets power put to it, Wild Blue is just a bad tasting memory…

DO NOT get involved with them..




My daughter and her husband have to have this service. HAVE is the key word. It is touted as fast and reliable. OMG what the heck are they trying to feed us? They do not in any way live up to what they advertise. SOOOO BAD. Cannot believe they are still in business without repercussions. How long is this going to go on. They live in between Cascade and Ulm Montana. Why is there no competition? Why do you have to put up with slowwwww internet and TV is not much better after 600.00 you would think these idiots could do better. Every service call is put off. Every call period is put off no explanations. Techs are to scared that they will lose their jobs.  Tell us where to go and let us get these money mongers.




WildBlue has taken my connection to anything back to the 1980′s. It’s way behind dialup..Plus I paid almost $75 for this months service. I play Farmtown on facebook and it took me 3 hrs to work on one Farmtown friends Farm. Why offer a service that’s more than 3rd grade and then charge you for using it to much? It’s like paying your house payment but can only live there 20 days out of 30.




Wish I had seen this before a went to WILDBLUE. I’ve had for about 1 years now and it’s never worked at speeds I was told it would. I’ve several tech’s out to work on it and two of them told me for a 25 dollar srvice call they don’t care if it works or not. Not sure what they get paid but I know I didn’t pay WILDBLUE a 25 dollar service call. GO DAIL UP!!!!!!!!!




I went through wild blue because i have directv, worst connection ive ever used.  the dial up at my work is atleast 10 times faster than wild blue!  ive tried calling them to upgrade my speed but the message says “we noticed you got your service through another provider, please contact them.” so i call directv and they transfer me to… yep you guessed it wildblue. its an endless circle. i feel im trapped with this crappy internet and theres no way out. DIRECTV STOP AFFILIATING YOURSELVES WITH THESE SCAM ARTISTS!! please please the people who posts these complaints, please email me an answer on how to get a hold of these jerks so i can have them get there shotty equipment out of my house and switch to hughsnet… please help me




I use WildBlue and haven’t had Internet service for almost a month, yet they kept emailing me saying I was over my usage limit. (Yes, they have a limit of much of their slow awful service you can use.)  It took over 11 calls to get someone to come out and look at their equipment and each time I got the lecture about over usage.  I asked them how I could be over using when my computer has been shut off.  So today they came out to fix it and discovered a problem with their equipment mounted on the roof of my house, which they repaired at a cost of over $350.  Seriously:  Their equipment fails and they charge the customer.



Here I thought I was the only one getting ripped off by these scam artists. This bunch of crooks belongs in prison, but they’ll probably continue to steal money from people indefinitely.




Our company made the MAJOR MAJOR mistake of switching from HughesNet Satellite service to WildBlue Satellite(because Tech Support and Customer Support virtually required us to hire a translator).  WildBlue professed to be the of the same comparable speed and service as HughesNet (Except that all WildBlue tech & Customer Support was USA Based).  So we switched.  Within TWENTY-FOUR Hours we realized that WildBlue was SLOWER THAN DIAL-UP even though we had the HIGHEST level available!  We contacted WildBlue and advised them to come pick up their equipment because we were Mis-Led.  We were told “Sorry your not happy, however, you are not permitted to cancel service without paying $15 a month for the next TWO YEARS”
Meanwhile, we now have Three (3) company offices who are now regressed into 1990 era internet.  THANK YOU WILDBLUE for SCREWING US!




They are changing their name so They don’t have to own up to their crap  they are owned by the government. Via sat.  And are letting some customers get 7.5 gigs  per month and other 10 gigs per month. Depending on what wholesaler u go threw that would be ripping the customer off. I thought hat was illeagal , !

They are charging some people 150 to upgrade and other 250. That also should be against the law. Lawyer up and let’s go at them !




Jan 16 2012—I can’t send email from my McIntosh mail, I can receive, but not send.  I have wasted 2 hours or more talking to wildblue… who don’t know that there is a difference between how web is surfed and how mail is sent.  I am no expert, but something like the difference between http and MIME protocals.  Mu system has worked for 6 months or longer, and now it does not




my computer works slower now than it did with dial up service. not worth the extra money. how do you get out of a contract with them when they are the problem. i’m paying for nothing. have had problems with pages not responding. it’s a nightmare




Wildblue assured my representative @ sign up that weather (snow/wind) and trees would NOT interfere with service.  Snow, wind, and trees had satellite down more then up in winter.  Called to cancel and asked where in my contract I’d signed for a $300.00 fee for a “tria”.  I was informed their policy was posted on their internet-site.  I am a 67 year old senior on a fixed income and would not have signed anything of that nature.  Now I must figure out how to hire someone to get on the roof to remove “their” equipment.  I have switched to a cable company that has the ability to simply disconnect and have me return their modem/router to a local dealer.   I have been left with two dishes on my roof wish I’d had them sign a contract to remove their equipment and seal my roof where their tech drilled through.   Time consumers had a contract requiring the companies who charge additional fees after attaching their equpiment to your property.  It is fair to request the return of a modem.  But something requiring you to scale a roof to remove “their” equipment is downright stupid.   Are they unable to disconnect service or is this a tactic on their part to make additonal money?   $300. seems a bit much……..how much does a “tria” cost ?




Just dumped them and went back to Hughesnet. I got caught on the upload speed trap, and by my calculations, it would take me at least 36 days to get my speed back, or 17 days if I turned everything off. The 30 day rolling FAP is simply a joke. Hughesnet has the common courtesy to apply a 24 hour roll, so if you exceed your allowance, wait one day, and you are back up and running. Plus, each month you stay out of jail, you get a “token” that can be used as bail money should you go over your limit, and get back up to speed immediately. A real-time BW monitor is also a huge plus; sits quietly in the taskbar, mouse over, and it shows your percentage of BW remaining. 95% as I type this. All-in-all, a far superior service to the nightmare that is WildBlue.




Each time I call Wildblue, I ask the person I am talking to if they (the Wildblue Co.) use their own service for business. Talk about sad for a company to preach about their high speed internet, but at the same time, they use another provider for business purposes. Great marketing right? They know exactly why we are dissatisfied. Wildblue would be acceptable for about $20 a month, but they are a complete ripoff for what they charge. Unreliable, slow, and expensive. Do not get Wildblue.




Called Wild Blue to get the latest on their new customer package offers.  After listening to the offer, I wanted to cover a couple of important points with the rep.  1) Why does Wild Blue have so many online complaints from consumers who have been dissatisfied with their service?  Answer Provided: Don’t believe everything you read on the internet because Wild Blue has millions of satisfied customers. My thoughts as a potential consumer – Why should I believe Wild Blue…..  2) Next question – Does Wild Blue offer a customer satisfaction trial period without committing to a 2 year contract?  Answer: No trial period and millions of Wild Blue customers speaks volumes…..  My thoughts as a potential customer, if you are that confident in your service then a trial period would be welcomed….  Question #3) Is the the new satelitte VIA-SAT-1 just launched in October 2011 come on line this year and is expected to be part of the existing Wild Blue services network?  Answer: New satellite not functional for service yet and should a consumer wish to enjoy the benefit of an any improved service from ViaSat -1 then a new rate structure is being designed.  Also current customers would be offered the ability to migrate via increased costs to the new satellite’s service.  Final Impression:  Seriously, this company is way off track, their marketing is suspect, their tactics are sketchy, their promises are unproven and their ability to deliver a quality service as promised with no trial period speaks volumes about reliability. So while the jury is still out my reaction is I choose to stay on the sidelines and refuse to commit my business to a service company that fails to deliver a fair consumer friendly package.  BUYER BEWARE




Very slow connection with no recourse. I think wildblue knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to billing contracts.




RUDEST EMPLOYEES ENCOUNTERED ! I wanted to share my recent experience with Wildblue and say that I as a potential customer had called to get informed of the facts of service with them (availability in my area, prices of packages, speed, etc.) Well, all 3 employees I spoke with in a period of 1 week appeared to have the same Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome. In the beginning they answered my questions and “seemed” helpful, then when I stated I would call them back when I was sure I’d be ordering, they all turned into RUDE monsters, and the first 2 I had spoken with began pressuring in a EXTREME way why I wouldn’t order, and even dared to state arrogantly I would lose my home job (which would require DSL service) if I didn’t order on the spot with them. Same thing with the second employee, began rudely and arrogantly pressuring me how my only hope was them and to not think it out anymore. I had to hang up on these 2 or I would have never got rid of them or shut them up. The worst one was the one I just spoke to about 1 hour ago. So I called with more questions about service with them, “Casey” from the Sales Dept. answered but this was definitely the worst Jekyll-Hyde syndrome I had experienced. In the end this EXTREMELY RUDE WILDBLUE EMPLOYEE tells me to “never call back again this number.” What????? This really didn’t even surprise me that much after having dealt with the other arrogant-pressuring nit-twits, but this one by far was the (deleted word.) I told him that was extremely rude for him to say, and it was the only number that I was able to get on a website I had seen, and he said I should only call if I was going to order then and there. I responded before one orders something, especially if there is a 2 year commitment you have to get all the facts and info you need to make sure that is the option you want and their job is to answer customer questions, and he still argued that I should never that number again if I was not going to order. I got his name and reported him. Which was also frustrating and much more difficult than it should be to do, since when I asked to speak to a manager for a customer complaint, they said to tell them my account number. I told them I don’t have an account number since I am not a registered customer (and won’t be) and just need to be transferred to a manager or supervisor for a customer complaint! Needless to say I was not transferred and had to tell a regular employee the ordeal who said he would write a note and comment his supervisor about it. Wildblue definitely needs to change their whole employee rude attitudes, give customer service classes or do somethinggg because this is the worst company I have ever encountered and can’t beleive they allow employees to treat potential clients so badly. I’ve had other services with Verizon for about 8 years now, and in 8 years have never experienced something not even remotely rude as this with Wildblue. Verizon does know how to treat and speak to their clients. But Wildblue, terrible! And I’ll tell you just to prevent dealing with these (deleted word) in the future regardless of the prices I am not going to sign up with them. Hell no would I give these (deleted) my money!!




I just bought a rural home in Weed Ca. Wildblue was used by the previous owner so I was going to use them to make it easier. I need the internet for work, it took almost 1.5 hours to get the account set up. The Night before the installation appointment they called saying they didn’t have anyone to do the installation the next day, so we rescheduled. I was pretty upset because I need the internet for work. I told them that if they delayed or rescheduled the installation that I would cancel. You guessed it, they called again apologizing but they couldn’t make the appointment. I am on hold with Wildblue as I type this with one hand. According to the recording that keeps playing….. they are expeiencing a high call volume because I have been on hold for 35 minutes and counting. Glad I cancelled before my bad experiences continued but I wish I had found this site before I even ordered their service!




I had no choice but to get satellite internet, direct tv referred me to wildblue. Well it was a nightmare from the start… the day I called their systems where down that should have been my first indication they were awful. The day of installation the tech showed up and was nice or so I thought, well I was wrong. He asked me for the last four of my credit card number to verify the account. So I gave it to him- big mistake on my part! Apparently giving him that signed a 2 year contract, which mind you I never signed! Well tech left, I tried to use my internet and what do you it didn’t work! I went out and bought a new wireless router and finally got it working 36 hours after the install only to find it was slower than dial up. So I called them, did everything they said to do and still slower than the postal service. I requested the end my account one the fact it doesn’t work and also because the tech is the one who signed the contract not me…and after 3the phone calls and hours on the phone, I have to have another tech come out before they will cancel and wave early termination fees. My next stop the bbb and any other place I can find to file a complaint against this company. Never again will I utter the words wild blue!




Wild blue has been the worst purchase I have ever made in my life. The only good thing about it is that it’s down so much, I forget how slow it is sometimes. I HATE IT.. HATE, IT HATE, HATE IT’ I’m about to cancel service with 10 months left. Even this is worrying me because I hear they screw you around when you cancel and charge you fees and then keep billing you. Not only is it the worst internet service, But its a piss poor run company from my dealings with it.




They cut you off and you can’t pay to get more service.  They upgraded my service once – for a wicked fee that they didn’t tell me about at the time — and said that was the only time I could restore service for the life of the account.  I used to have Hughes .net and you could restore continually if you agreed to pay.  Right now, I’m trying to buy a house in another city, and it is taking 15 minutes, and multiple reloads, to send docs, because they have cut me off.




As if it wasn’t bad enough for Wild Blue to put up a bandwidth limit in 2011, we have to have our internet slowed down when we aren’t even close to reaching that limit. We were told that your bandwidth limit isn’t 7.5 gb a month, your limit is actually 70% of that. The bright side is I’ll never reach that limit because Wild Blue is so slow I couldn’t download that much if I wanted to.




I have had Wildblue for a year. What a joke we use our cell phone and tether them to our laptop so we can keep connection rather than use the Wildblue service that we over pay for. 69.95 plus a load of fees makes Wildblue one of the highest cost internet with the worst performance and no they will not let you cancel without ripping you off for some extra money. They want there extra 15.00 bucks a month for the remainder of your contract regardless of how poor their service is or how unreliable. Make no mistake this is junk service we had Hughesnet before Wildblue and as bad as their service is Wildblue is worse.




Wildblue was always slow. There customer service dept. lied every time I talked to them. I cancelled my service and they took my monthly payment out and its been a month and i havent recieved it back.  NEVER GET WILDBLUE!!




Dishmail network wildblue service is very bad.   Trouble still not fixed, customer service is bad, very expensive, slower than dialup.  Friends of mine are receiving emails informing them that my emails sent to me are noting “unable to deliver or error with bunch of codes.”   When in fact some of my emails with attachments are received, but still leaving the senders wondering if my email address has changes, etc.  then they call me to see what’s going on at my end when in fact it is the dishmail network wildblue service NOT providing the service promised and very expensive monthly service $79.95.  I have several calls in with their customer service and keep getting transferred over to Philipines or Mexico and the operaters Jim ID# PYC-Philipines or David ID# SVL-Mexico continue to provide unacceptable service, not to mention one of their operaters changed some of my account info such as my home phone number was inaccurate and I had to update them with the correct information, not to mention I’ve had the same phone number for 17 years.  Dishmail network wildblue internet service is very bad, slow, expensive, horrible customer service.  Very dissatisfied customer and they refuse to return my calls, emails, letters of complaints to correct the problem or conpensate me for all the inconvenience caused.




didnt have my computer on for 3 days and they say my uages is going up how does that happen they say someone is on my wireless everyone around me has interent for them selfs through phone lines wild blue justs sucks and is a big rip off iam paying 70 dollars a month and can only check e mail and look at facebook no games nothing esle why can they get away with ripping off people like this




I live in a rural location and have had Wildblue service for almost 3 months. I tried to get f-secure set up, because my computer crashed from a virus. From what I’ve read, it’s their responsibility to get it set up shortly after installation. They gave me a key code that wouldn’t work and so I have to keep calling them on the phone. They tell me they’ll generate one in 48 hours. Chances are that one won’t work either. I have other issues I want to fix, but the people on the phone seem confused about a lot of issues. I’m not a happy camper.



do not use wild blue they really do suck you can not download hardly anything it worked good at first and then just sucks after that it is so slow where they get high speed interent is a joke i brought the 50 package a month later raised it to 70 a month in 3 weeks right back to slow again so basicly you just get slow interent service cant play games or anything esle i hate this. their has to be a better service out their for customers they SUCK DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY




Wild Blue is the worst. It is so bad, words fail me. Where do they get their customer service people, at the Home for Former Debt Collectors? I actually got one who was fairly decent and helpful. I could not believe my good fortune. She put my on hold for 5-7 minutes and, you guessed it, the call simply terminated. Done. Over. I knew it was too good to be true. Their motto must be, “Call us. You’ll never go away without anger, disappointment, or both!” When the sky is blue where you live, it’s cloudy over the gateway. Clouds that cause no interference with DirecTV kill Wild Blue. Oh, how it sucks!




Well on their site they use the fac policy, gimic and then say that they let you have more data than the average person uses WHERE ARE THEY GETTING THEIR FIGURES FROM? A NURSING HOME!!! Whats bad is i need to download a lot of stuff for work at my home… and i live in the country,and whats really bad is you almost can’t even use all your data in your plan because it’s so freakin slow it takes 5 days to download 1 presentation!!!!!!!




Moved from the country to inner city Houston and told by 1st rep that wildblue did not offer services at my new address.  Called back today to cancel the service and a 2nd rep tells me ‘yes its’s offered’.  So now I either have to pay the $150 or so for early termination (if i cancel) or i have to restart my 2-year contract all over.  Once again im in a tight squeeze by this ‘service slow and costly’ company.




Horrible internet service, please do NOT use them, even Hughes Net as BAD as they are, are better than wildblue. NO customer service, can not use this service MOST of the time.




My elderly mother is one of those many customers that I feel have been taken advantage of by Wildblue. Every month she pays this ridiculous amount for services & support I feel she does not recieve. Like many her age, she isn’t as skilled with a computer as her exposure has been somewhat limited. So naturally she thought the ‘slower than dial-up speed’ was perfectly normal. After she witnessed other services from different sources and some heavy convincing from myself and my brother we finally convinced her to contact support. A repair man from our location here in Tahlequah, OK showed up and messed around on her computer a bit. Told her that it was working fine and that the reason it seemed slow was because she only paid for the $60 service- which is only good for checking email- and that if she wanted it to run faster it would cost more. For the most part email is her main reason for going online- too bad that too doesn’t work that well. And for the record, it took about 5 minutes for this page to pull up. Thank you wildblue!




Wish I had found this site 5 yrs ago. My husband thought my dial up was too slow so he got wild blue. We live in the country. It’s just as bad as everyone says. Lucky for me we are  out of contract and I (now a widow) can move on.




i got mildblue recently to play final fantasy xi as it was said to work(it works if u dont mind waiting 5-10 seconds for actions that were instant on dial up) then was told more lies than i could count got thier crap cause they promised viasat-1 would be greater than jesus hahaha these guys lie so much they should run for president about the law suit lets Erin Brockovich the hell out of wild blue im calling after viasat-1 flops (September 29th) canceling my bank card then calling wild blue to tell them where to shove thier connection. im going back to good old lovely perfect DIAL UP. omg i miss you peoplepc online you truly are a better way to internet for me. in closing im canceling thier service filing complaints with the BBB.com as well as the great state of colorado i suggest you do the same “the squeeky weel gets the grease but the louder the squeek the more its heard” i have a new 24month contract that i entered under false pretences and have no problems defaulting on.
on the dialup note there are boxes that use multiple phone lines simultaniously giving the same speeds wild blue offers – the delay and for cheaper i bet




We live in a rural area in Sedalia, CO and Wild Blue is our only choice other than dial up.  A couple of my neighbors have Century Link DSL but when I called them they said they only have so many “slots” and they are all currently full.  I upload quite a bit of photos, slideshows and videos to FB and YT.  We had WB installed on 8/18, 6 days ago and I am already at 28% of my DL max. Other than web browsing (which I have not done much of at all), I posted one album of 40 photos to FB, and uploaded 2 videos to YT that I had to convert to very low resolution or else they would have taken days to upload.  I viewed maybe 4 videos online, THAT’S IT!  If I use 28% every 6 days, I will exceed my max in about 21 days! We have the middle package of 12K MB DL.  I cannot see paying another 10 dollars a month for only 5K more.  Plus, my husband really needs VPN access for his office and they do not have it.  SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, PLEASE get DSL service to our subdivision!!!!  My only thought is to take my laptop somewhere that has free internet access and do my uploading of videos and photos there.  What a PAIN!




I just finished a chat with wild blue.  I’m paying for the pro-business access, and as we speak.  I’m at dial-up speed.  25 days ago my daughter downloaded a game, which sent me over my threshold.  I am still waiting and have been told it will be a week more before I put back at the top of the threshold.  I unfortunately have 12 more months on my contract may be the best $180 I’ve ever spent to get rid of these jerks.  Please contact me if there is a class action lawsuit against him.




I’m paying for the Pro/Business account that is advertised to have DL speeds of up to 1.5mbs. In a years time I have never peaked over 180kbs download speed. I’m constantly being kicked off, even when weather/clouds aren’t an issue… and mostly during the evening and nighttime hours. I’m also exceeding my FAP in 10-13 days which obviously impedes my ability to do business as a webmaster.

In short I’ve gotten absolutely nothing they advertised as providing. A class action lawsuit should be filed against these thieves. I have no alternatives but to sell my house and move to and area with cable if I want to continue doing business online…. thanks a lot Wildblue!




I pay for Wild Blue service in Fl. If you hear thunder or see rain you get no service which is quite often in the rainy season yet never is the service fee prorated to reflect all the down time which is quite often. The “unlimited high speed” internet is neither unlimited nor high speed (forget about watching video’s or streaming movies or music, it ain’t happening- EVER) I have had service for 8 months of my “two year” contract. I will be moving to an area which actually has UNLIMITED HIGH SPEED internet. Wild Blue will transfer it’s substandard service for “free” but will tie me up into another 2 year contract starting from my move date which is effectively tying me into a perpetual $180 a year contract. Thank God I pay the bill with a pre-pay debit card thus keeping them out of my personal finances.

Wild Blue advertising and service is fraudulent. This company is a rip- off and I would not recommend them to anyone. I hope someone brings a class action suit for fraud and false advertising against them.



The Wild Blue dish was installed by the Direct TV crew.  It did not work with our computer. I called them and got no help and then they refused to take my calls. They then send me a box to return two control parts from the dish.  Which I did.  I am now stuck with their dish on my patio roof and was billed for 293.29.




Nothing like waiting 10 minutes for a 2 minute song to download… and for only 70 dollars a month. Sure we’ll let you out for appx. 440 dollars. *#*@ you wild blue, never again!




I WISH I HAD SEEN THIS SITE BEFORE I SIGNED UP FOR THE 2 YEAR CONTRACT! I’m actually very suprised that there isn’t a class action lawsuit out there that I can get in on. I signed up for WildBlue on July 8th. During that conversation I voiced concern that I wasn’t sure if I could use the service because I needed VPN support and their documentation clearly states that they don’t support VPN’s. The customer service rep said that they have to say that but in most cases the VPN will work and that I could check with my companies IT department. Well, they didn’t know. The rep said that if it didn’t work I could cancel the order, she meant BEFORE I was installed. HOW IN THE HELL AM I GOING TO KNOW IF IT WORKS BEFORE I CAN TRY IT????? The installer told me that I had 30 days and if it didn’t work that I could get a full refund. Now, less than 30 days into it, WildBlue is telling me that there is no trial period, once you sign up they got you by the gonads. I am cancelling the service and I am going to make as big a stink about this as I can. They just made $500.00 off me by basically tricking me into a crappy deal. Tired of getting ripped off!




I saw this site and was like hey I hate wild blue too. so im just gonna post up some things that I hate about them too

1.internet that has almost worst speeds than dail up 2.i cant watch videos period(well not unless i want to lose my internet altogether)3.i lost my JOB,because i didnt have access when i needed it 4.i only have access about fifteen days out of the month every two months 5.the download upload monitor is never right 6.customer service wont let me talk to the manager 7.my installation was so bad the wires are practically just laying on the ground,and my dogs have chewed on them 8.i reset my usage three days ago ,witch isn’t really resetting my usage because it only goes down to 40% ,and its already back up to 75% !!!!!! 9.im stuck in a two year contract, witch to me is really the kicker to there whole operation ,10. I was promised speeds up to 30x faster than dailup,that’s 30X FASTER THAN DAILUP, NOT 30X SLOWER 11. I think my brain is going to explode im so angry 12. to repair the chewed up wires caused from the crappy installation it will cost me $95 witch is in every way their fault ,no wire should just be lying on the ground 13.i pay for internet service even if i don’t have it 14. if i watch a video on YouTube i might as well be buying it 15. my family has blamed me for losing 49.99 a month for two years
16. and im pretty sure im starting to get a tumor in my brain from being mad all the time.




I too had a bad taste in my mouth after the installer told me how bad the service was.  DO NOT USE THIS ISP.  after getting the run around from Wild Blue I called Dish network ( who I love) since I was a customer of dish, wild blue was bundled into our dish bill.  Dish cancelled the service for me without penalty as long as I paid the last months bill.  at first they were hesitant, but as soon as I mentioned my employer they dropped the dispute immediately.  (sorry to those who do not have that pull, but I am required to have an office at home by my corporation)  I hope this gets to consumers before they buy into this less than desireable service.  Please do turn this company into better business as it is poorly equiped to handle internet service or technical support, let alone fixing a calculator.




I switched to Wild Blue from Hughes Net after using google “cloud” service to keep records of volunteers for a fire dept. annual benefit.  It was costing me $5 per day of use in addition to my regular service.

With Wild Blue, when I exceeded my service capacity (in this case, from gaming, LOL!), they told me I could only get a one-time boost, and didn’t even tell me it would cost $100.

In winter, they tell me that service sucks because of clouds and weather, but now, when it is sunny, service goes out everyday at about noon. It’s slow as molasses most of the time.  They say they use the same satellites as Hughes Net.  They are full of crap.

I’m planning on moving to a place where I can get DSL.




I used wireless which had lots of problems.  I looked around for a faster page load program and decided to give Wildblue a try after the little lady I talked to assured me it would be considerable faster.  After talking to wild blue and coming to the understanding that it was only a trial, I invested about $300 to have them install the equipment, with the understanding that if it was not better they would take it out with no cost to me.

Ha Ha Ha; it was considerably slower than what I had and I started the communication with them the next day after installation.  I then installed another program which was supposed to take all my troubles away, which of course, did not, and told them to remove the system.

After a couple of weeks of BS they sent out a person to remove shut down the service after which they told me they would refund my money.  They sent me a box into which I placed their control from the dish on the roof and returned it to them

They then stated that they were going to refund $60 out of the approx. $300 I had invested and started the line of more phone calls.  When all is said and done, they did not refund $.01 of my money stating the they never advised me that it would be faster then what I had.

They are rip off artists, plain and simple.




I believe that this service provider sucks also.  I have speeds that go down to 20-30kbps on many occasions even on fair days.  I guess my question is can I get out of my current 2-year contract with them based on their poor performance?




I took a screen shot, which I wish I could submit here, to prove that I just filed a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General.  Thank you so much for the information!  Just this year the throttling of usage has gotten out of control.  I can relate to all of the complaints on your site, I’ve been a user for several years.  I do have options so may be switching to another provider instead of waiting for the slow wheels of justice to turn.




seen that wild blue was giving you free, that was free installation, and modem, until they get to your home and they tell you that you have to pay about $147 to have them put a post in your yard and mount the dish there, after you tell the company that your porch and home is cemented in the ground they come back with we can’t put it on asphalt roofs or porches connected to double-wides, ones that you don’t plan on moving at all, so why do I see all these dishs put on overhangs and roofs on homes, what is the damn difference?

So when the company called me and told me that they were gonna charge me $50.00 for a restock fee if I sent it back, I told them that I just purchased a modem and dish cause I was not going to pay a $50.00 to send this back.

My phone company won’t put new lines in, as I am about .7 of a mile from a state route where there is dsl, and more than a mile on my own road that you can get dsl except where I am, Verizon tells me that I am just too far away from any dsl.  That’s bull!

Now that Verizon sold out to frontier, all of their rual lines so that they don’t have to change lines or give anyone dsl where they don’t want to.  So I suffer with 26.4Kbps, which is the slowest thing around because I can’t afford the wifi, which is available here because I can see on my cell that you can get internet on cells, but when you only get $1,010.00 a month and your bills add up to more than that especially cell when Verizon don’t let you have anything but the $99.00, which ends up being $111.57, for family plan w/text, and you don’t ever use over 300 min and they make you purchase 700min.  To me rual living is tooo expensive, but everyone else in a village gets a discount cause the court house and library needs high speed internet and though you only live 1-1.5 miles away from the dsl on your road and .7 of a mile from a sr39 they get ya either way…..




DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE I  have waited out my contract and now that I am disconnecting the service I HAVE TO CLIMB UP A LADDER TO THE SECOND STORY OF MY HOUSE TO DISCONNECT THEIR EQUIPMENT.
This is the worst customer service ever, let alone the speed of the internet. RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACTS.




I hated Wild Blue and moved, living in a rural area I thought it was my only choice. They have you buy the throat because they insist on deducting from your Bank account.When I moved they set up the order and when they had it put in ,they told me I had to renew the contract.My husband suffered a stroke and our world changed. I called them and asked them if there was a clause for hardship that seniors could be released if something happened beyond their control. They told me if I want to pay 400 dollars to  get a release. It is 15.00 per month for the 2 year contract. I am not using it because frankly dial up is faster , and they don’t cut you off when they say your area has used it’s quota of air time. that is what happens with Wild Blue.So we are having to use 56.36 of our money every monthh to pay for something we cannot use.I really hate them, and would not recommend them to anyone. People we know say they counted the days till their contract ended and they would never have them again.They feel the same way.




got to get my 2 cents worth on this. I also have wildblue now for 3 years and yes it stinks. the new computers don’t have modems in them so you have to buy one for them for dial up, well it didn’t work for me so I am stuck with wildblue untill we get at&t up here. I have called wildblue tured them into better bussness I have done every thing I can and nothing is slower then wildblue and I pay $87.00 a month for this crap.




Last month, my credit card that I used to pay for WildBlue was subject to fraud, so the number was changed. During this process, WildBlue attempted to process a payment.  I received an email that stated the payment didn’t go through, so I tried to follow the directions to enter new card information. The link to change the card number didn’t work, so I contacted WildBlue customer service directly to determine how to change the card information on the account.  At no time during this conversation did the representative tell me that I needed to make a “one time payment” to cover this month’s bill. I received an email confirmation that the card information had been successfully changed. About two weeks later, the internet didn’t work. Since it was very cloudy, I figured it was just the typical “no service” due to weather. Two days later, the sun came out, and still no internet. I called and was told that my account was suspended due to lack of payment.  Lack of payment?! I was told it could take up to two weeks to turn back on. I was extremely angry, and talked with three different customer service reps. before I got someone who said that she would “try to get it turned back on” quicker (which she did).




OMG do these guys SUCK!!!! Superway SUCK! Dial up would be ever so much less frustrating – at least I would only be paying 19.95 a month for slow downloads instead of 79.95! AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! Do not go with these guys! Their customer service is AWFUL and when things go down they have the nerve to BLAME YOU! I even had one assclown ask me if is was sure my modem was plugged in! Seriously? I’m blonde but I’m not that stupid! I have finally given up and I am going with Verizon – at least I know that I will get good customer service! Yay! I will be free to surf without pulling out my hair and wanting to throw things! YAY!!!! Free at last, free at last, thank Verison wireless I’m free at last!!!!




This site is great, just hate that I didn’t come across it before my Wildblue experience!!!  I actually had a Wildblue Technician tell me about it!!!  The service and speed is horrible and they have ripped off alot of other people in my area.  WE ALL NEED TO DO WILDBLUE A FAVOR AND PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS, SO I’M URGING ALL OF YOU OUT THERE THAT HAVE SUBMITTED A POST TO THIS WEBSITE TO FILE A COMPLAINT ( IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY) WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!!! I HAVE SO PLEASE, DO FUTURE UNSUSPECTING WILDBLUE CUSTOMERS A FAVOR AND SAVE THEM A LOT OF MONEY AND A MAJOR HEADACHE!!! Good luck to you all!




Gee, I hope this post goes through…considering that I still have the wonderful service that is Wildblue, and they may or may not have the connection just time out on me like it always does. -_-

My life has been 90% hell because of this service. I have way too many stories to share, and several mental breakdowns because of it. It’s the main reason why I’m getting my own place in the fall, even considering that my parents’ house is 5 minutes away from the college I’m attending. They’re too stupid or ***** to even consider using ANY other internet service. ANY!!!! Sorry about the ***** comment…they probably have better internet service.

I literally can’t live at home, because most of the stuff I do in my life involves the internet. I need to connect with my friends traveling abroad, I need to do my homework online…some jobs only make you apply ON EFFING LINE! TOO BAD FOR ME! JUST SUCK IT UP! THE INTERNET CAN’T BE THAT BAD!! OTHER PEOPLE JUST DON’T GET IT!

I feel bad for my computer for having to want to throw it across the room so many times, sometimes doing so.

Sorry about the ranting. I’ll share a story that sticks to me. I remember they just didn’t have internet for us. At all. I called them, had me wait for two hours on the phone, and said we used up all the bandwidth…SERIOUSLY!!! WHO LIMITS THAT THAT MUCH? I WATCH A FEW YOUTUBE MOVIES AND YOU SHUT IT OFF?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! I TRY WoW FOR TEN DAYS, AND YOU SAY THAT’S TOO MUCH INTERNET USING?!?!? CRIMINALS, THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE. THEY SHOULD BE LOCKED UP IN JAIL.




So, my mom decided she wanted to move us to Holly, Michigan. We moved on a private driveway that is about 5,000 feet long. We contaced Comcast to see if they would provide internet service for us becuase its the ISP we had at our old house. They said no, that we were too far from the closest service tower and they we would have to pay 2,500$ to set up a tower and still have to pay the monthly bill. So, my family really needed internet. First, we tried Verizon’s MiFi service. They’re bandwith cap wasn’t enought- only 5 GB. We cancled with them, and went to WildBlue.First, we started on they’re middle plan. 12 Gb usage. So, we blew through that in 1 week and my mother had to call, and up our plan to the highest one at 17 GB usage. We’ve been with WildBlue for 9 months, and they’re service is just too slow! I did some research and found out that there was a WISP in the area, and they didnt have a data cap, was faster AND cheeper. I went to www.speedtest.net and tested my speeds. The latency was over 3,000ms and the download speed was only .64 mbps when we were soupposed to have 1.5 mbps and the upload was only .06 mbsp when we were soupposed to have about .256 mbps. I called WildBlue and reported that my speeds were slower than they were soupposed to be. The customer care lady transfered me to a techinition and she did some bullshit to my computer and made the internet even slower. I then told her that I wasnt being provided what i was promised and that I wanted to cancle my contract. She said that WildBlue justified having almost 1/2 the speeds they’re soupposed to have becuase before they put the speed they put “Up to 1.5mbps.” I had the urge to call them out on thir bullshit, but I decided to just hangup. I CANNOT wait to be out of my contract and able to switch to a different ISP. Some poeople have said that if there is just a cloud,their preformace is affected. My preformace is effected is either the sun, or the moon is up. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE WILD-RIPOFFMOTHERF*CKERS-BLUE.




I WISH I’d READ THIS SITE FIRST!   I made the HUGE mistake of signing a 2 yr deal with these guys!!  I will tell every internet seeking person on my half of the planet to go to anywhere else!  Loved talking to Americans, but their business policies, rules, regs, everything … it SUCKS.  They lied to me about “pro-rate our bill” after I upgraded but it was BULLSHIT.  I got charged, the speed was SLOWER than my DIAL UP and I will NEVER recommend these guys to anyone! Meanwhile, I’m using the crappy 3g hotspot from Verizon and it’s 10xs better!!!!





Recently, WildBlue “accidentally” charged my account by an extra $100 during their switch over in billing.  I am not kidding.  And if I had not caught the overcharge on my bank account, they would have never refunded.  I called and was told I had been charged a service call.  I never had a service call!  After the rep saw that there was never a service call to my home, she assured me the $ would be returned…in 5 business days!  I was hot!  So they got to keep my $ for an extra 5 days and returned it at their convenience.

WildBlue does, indeed, suck.




I wish I had surfed to this site before signing up with WildBlue.  They are without a doubt the most unprofessional, most slipshod, half-a**, sorry excuse of a customer service fraud that ever conspired to fleece unsuspecting customers who have little or no other choice for Internet service.  Because of where we live (NC mountains), we had no options other than WildBlue (it was promoted as being $10/month cheaper than the slow, unreliable, Verizon broadband cellular service we had been using).

Our first clue that they were a company of charlatans was the difficulty in getting the installation date.  After being careful to let them know that we were only going to be at the cabin (part-time residence) for the weekend, they assured us they would be there on Saturday between 8 and noon (standard cable service window).  Despite the fact that they had all three numbers (our home, the phone at the cabin, and our cell phone), they failed to show up, and further failed to contact us.  After repeated and increasingly heated phone calls to their customer NON-service department, they subsequently set two more times that Saturday afternoon — both of which they also failed to honor (Honor and integrity being thoroughly alien concepts to this company).

Their script-readers (masquerading behind the phones of the customer NON-service desk), falsely claimed to have no way to directly contact their installers; and could only submit queries to their computer system.  This is, in fact, an outright lie.  When the installer finally showed up (Wednesday!), he freely admitted that the WildBlue customer NON-service had their cell phones and talked to them regularly.

This company lies through its teeth, and its customer NON-service is a waste of whatever boiler room they have them locked in.  They are scum and don’t deserve the business of a single customer.




Wildblue is the absolute worst sorry-ass piss-poor excuse for an ISP without question. I just cancelled my WB account after 2.5 years of being raped by these a-holes (it took two solid days online and phone calls to find out who to call to cancel btw) and they are A) claiming that I was leasing the equipment the entire time (I shelled out a pile of money to buy the f-ing equipment which failed after four months and I had to pay more to have it replaced) and that if I don’t return the modem and TRIA they will charge me 300.00! B) They are trying to charge me for next month’s service in advance after I cancelled! Theives! Liars! @$^&@$^$@##!!!




I am one of those unfortunate people that have no other choice than dealing with this crap of a company. I work online and get kicked out several times a day, often losing my work. I called them and they told me it was the weather, but the sky was often bright blue. What I cannot understand is why my satellite tv always works even in the worst weather, and Wildblue is gone with even a spit of rain. When I try to cancel due to their poor service they threaten me that I must pay for breaking the contract.. and what about them? they had told me they were fast, and that connection was lost only in SEVERE  weather. Also their bandwidth limits are a pain, I cannot use skype to communicate with my family overseas as it eats a big chunk of my bandwidth, not to mention you cannot keep track of usage as it is often unavailable. I have a hard time working because if I visit too many websites per day I will go over the allotted usage. I am sick and tired of this and think this company takes advantage of poor souls that have no other choices, plus their price is three times more what I have normally paid in the past for far better service.




I don’t need to worry about anyone contacting me as my Wildblue has been suspended for a week.  My credit card company canceled my credit card due to a security leak and I have been promised service restored at Wildblue for over a week with no results.  WB does not do anything they say as the speeds are so slow you don’t get any gotomeeting or anything like that.  When you call they always say it has something to do with your end. I am stuck as it is all that is available in my area.




We have WB, for 17 months. There are several days during the month we can’t even get on line, about 14 days we can get on and only if we want to wait forever to download pages. I waited over 5 mins to get this page to come up so I could fill it out. I called to cancel and they told me I could send the receiver in and pay the cancellation fee. I’m going to cancel when my bill comes due. This is the worst internet ever. I wish they could fix it because when you live in the country you do not have many choices for internet service.




Wildblue suspended service out of the blue for non-payment when payment was made 2 weeks ago! It really isn’t my fault that their system didn’t post the damn thing because they were FAST to take it out of bank and it went through just fine.

Speeds are also NOT what was advertised when I signed up. I’m lucky to get a 5 MB file downloaded in 20 minutes. But it seems I’m stuck because ATT just informed me we will never have high speed where we live!




My story has been told time and time again below. Nothing new. We all know Wildblue sucks. Bottom line… if you can get 4G from ATT or VerizonWireless switch. I can’t till next year because of where I live. Mean time I switched to Linux. This saves me from eating all my bandwidtch with Windows patches and anti-viruse updates. I only take comfort in one thought…Some day this too shall pass.

A Wildblue employee’s point of view http://wildbluesucks.info/2010/07/27/former-wildblue-tech-support-agent/

As much as dislike Wildblue I have to give them credit for one thing.  They know Wildblue customers come to them only for one reason.


Their business model is base on that. I just wish they were more honest. It would actually help both the company and the clients. Less staff to say “I’m sorry…’ and less customers saying we are not getting what we payed for.

Here’s my ‘IVR’ tag line if I was running Wildblue  ….

“Thanks for calling Wildblue! We would like to explain our many great offerings but first we have one question. Do you have ANY other option greater than 56K phone dialup in your area? If so hang up and call them, if not your ours Bi#@h.”




Let’s take action.

I have had the same experience as all of the rest of you. I am paying $79 a month for useless. It take me five to ten minutes to open a webpage. Only 10% of the videos I try to run open. Etc. The only reason I keep it is that I live deep in the Colorado mountains and it is the only service available here.

The State of Colorado runs a consumer protection division that is designed to protect us from companies like Wild Blue. Here is their phone #: 303-866-5125

[Consumer Line: 800-222-4444 ; Colorado Attorney General's Office: 303-866-4500; email: attorney.general@state.co.us ; online consumer complaint form: https://www.coloradoattorneygeneral.gov/departments/consumer_protection/file_consumer_complaint/consumer_complaint_form ; - - Items within brackets were added by the webmaster]

The way they work is that if they get enough complaints on a company, they go after that company.

When you call, they ask you to fill out a form spelling out the problem. If we send them an avalanche of complaints, they will do something. It will also give us leverage in dealing with Wild Blue. They know they are providing us with obscene service!




Wildblue worked fine the first week, then just pretty much stopped for two weeks.  It is week three and I will be canceling later today and hopefully getting a refund.




Half the time the bandwith meter won’t load so you don’t know where you are in downloads. Too much wind? Too many clouds? After school when all the kids get on the net? Might as well take a walk because you won’t be able to load a youtube video or do any meaningful work. $79 monthly, really? I paid less for broadband back in the city with no restrictions.

Just got the latest bill and it’s $15 dollars higher because I’ve been on the service for 1 year (the come-on rate was $61). I’m tempted to just let them take their dish back and fight them in small claims over the $200 security fee.




Wildblue is slow and unreliable.  But, the real reason I am writing this is that when the service was installed I received a nice little friend abiding in my P/C.  A VIRUS, which caused me considerable expense and file loss.

This is crap.




I must agree with everything that everyone is writing here.  Wildblue is the slowest crap I have ever seen. Yes its true that dial up is faster.  I can surf the web with dial up with a lot less aggravation because the pages load so much faster.  Wildblue needs to be sued for false advertising and a bad product.  I tell EVERYONE I KNOW to not ever get Wildblue. I cant wait untill my contract is up.  You can bet that Wildblue gets their $89.00 a month worth of word of mouth negative advertising from me.  I HATE WILDBLUE!!!




Thank God these bastards are going unnoticed I had a semilar expirence. At first I was sold on the speed and never knew how fast my download space was being used up and before I could wildblue sucks and I want out I had to pay them crooks 350$ . Im sure they know their service sucks so they make while they can kind of like a crack head does.




From day one wildblue was nothing but a hassle. When we ordered the service we had the option to buy or lease or equipment so we bought it to make the monthly bill cheaper. Later we find out we are paying the lease fee on the equipment we bought and they dont have any record of me buyin it. It sure is funny haw they keep recor of everything else so close when you called what you talked about scince the day service started. when they installed the equipment they didnt point the dish at the right angle. Even though i calleed them back the same day it was installed they charged me almost $100 dollars to come reajust it they told me i couldnt ajust it myself the techniction had to type in the code. My bill went up a few months ago when we called to find out why we were told we were out of the 2yr contract. i called recently to disconect the service suddenly my contract ist over for 5more months and there suppost to send boxes for me to send that precious equipment ive never been allowed to touch back they want me to climb on the roof and take that shit down f*ck them. i cant get ahold of a corporate office and there customer service representives are disconecting the call before it goes through when i put my number in have to not put my number in so they would take my call. When i first called they sent me to direct tv three different times before directing me back to wildblue then she told me she had to do a process before i could talk to the manager asked me alot of questions then was mysteriously disconnected and thats when they stopped letting my call go through. when i didnt put my number and got ahold of this wildblue manager,witch a different represenative put me strait through to with no question, i was even more pissed cuz that little bitch strait up lied to me and Mr wildblue manager wasent any help either surprise surprise still sayin i owe them money they wont credit your account when you only have service 1week out of the month you still have to pay for the whole month but if you cancle a few days late theyll sure charge you for every hour then addioional fees anything they can make up to get your money WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER WILDBLUE CANT BE TRUSTED WILL NOT RESOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS F*CK YOU WILDBLUE




much slower than dial up f**k another set of holes in my roof for nothing




My wild blue SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is slower than dial up ever was. I didn’t expect road runner but my Good Lord. $50.00 a month for this bullshit. Downloading a song takes 12 frigging minutes. Ridiculous/ I still have an account with dial up AOL lots cheaper, and faster than this HOAX. I feel so swindled. God help me til expiration day! I was deceived so much by their sales people. They should be held accountable for all the monies they are robbing from me because they LIED—. end of story.






A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a company that was surveying Wild Blue customers regarding Wild Blue’s service and support. I started drooling with the prospect of finally getting to vent my spleen through an official channel. The survey was lengthy and I enjoyed every second that I spent grading the various elements of Wild Blue. The company even provided space for additional feedback and, brother, did I use that space! In short, I wrote that were there a single reasonable alternative to Wild Blue, I would take it in an instant and that the only thing Wild Blue does well is to remove their fee from my acount each month. If you’ve ever had a real internet service (e.g., Verizon DSL), you will be sickened by Wild Blue.




I got Wildblue and they told me I could gamewith PS3.. I could barely check email, let alone game. I had to fight with them for 3 months to get my money back, but I finally did. I was able to get a wireless system from Broadbandqwireless that works off Sprint towers that solved my problem. It is a little more, $89 per month, but worth it.




I wish I had found this website before I got rid of my cheap dial-up service, which was faster and MUCH more reliable.  Wild blue service (in the central midwest) was like driving a sports car in heavy traffic.  Ocassionally, you could get brief bursts of acceptable performance, but most of the time you are just waiting on stoplights.  My computer acted like it was just waiting for the next crumb of information to drop into the basket.  It would catch a crumb every 20-30 seconds.  If there is a cloud in the sky within 100 miles, your service will be affected.  I live in the sticks, so our only connection to the world is via sattelite.  All other sat services (e.g. dish network) were only affected in HEAVY weather.  I ran several “speakeasy”-type tests, and averaged 0.17 Mbps down and .02 Mbps up.  FAR from what they said I “might” expect.  I called their customer service to complain, and the agent, basically said “if you are unhappy, there are other choices.”  I warn everyone I can to avoid Wild Blue, but this is more effective.  The only thing I like about Wild Blue is that I no longer have it.




I have just recently got wild blue and have called them several times for my internet kicking out or not having it at all. First they told me that it was the weather but on a calm day with not a cloud in the sky how could iy be the weather???. then they had the nerve to tell me that it was my router. They said that my type of router does not work well with wild blue. If this was the case why would they not tell you what the best equipment is to use with there setup. spent another $78 on a new router that works the same as the old one. had a tech come out and he said he fixed the problem. that lasted for a day to give you the illusion that everything was going to be fine but the very next day same problem. when i called back thy told me that i need to upgrade to a better package. I told them to get bent. why would i give you more money to recieve the same crappy service. I hate to do it but im going to give them the $300 to get out of contract probably the best 300 that i will ever spend. As for the women on the wild blue camercial i would like to choke the S#%$ out of her. Buy the way i just hookes up verizon wifi for mother in law super fast service half the cost no contract.




I am also a former Wildblue customer and I can tell you that these guys are a pain in the butt to deal with. The internet connection itself was fine. We have to remember that it’s satellite Internet which has high latency and much slower speeds than the competition. However, be very careful when you try to cancel with them. After closing our account over the phone, they charged us again for another month. We called them again and we were assured that service was terminated and that we wouldn’t be charged anymore. They kept on taking money from the credit card. I had to cancel my credit card but guess what? VISA was still accepting the charges and billing me. I finally contacted a lawyer who wrote a letter to Wildblue, and that is what finally got them to stop. My recommendation? Go with someone else.




I had Wild Blue installed in march 2010 the sales department told me it would e several times fater than Sprint internet card THIS WAS A LIE this was te worst service i ever had. in april i requested to cancle My service that i was not happy with them they agreeded to close my acount. but that was a Lie they just kept billing my account after several months of trying to get Wild Blue to quit taking my money  and close the account with them i had to close my bank acount so they woud quit taking money out of it.

And try to get them to refund the over payment what a joke over months calling them They took several hundred dollars after i requested them to close the account. and they offered me $15.00 as a refund. THIS IS A JUNK COMPANY DO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

if you can get a internet card from your cell phone company or go to wal mart and they sell a prepaid internet card for your computer NO CONTRACT they work seveal  times faster than wild blue.

Good luck i hope you better luck than i did.




Comments: I have experienced first hand WildBlue internet service from a location approximately 30 miles south of Atlanta, Ga. My location is by no means remote or rural, yet the road my house is on never has been given cable or dsl internet connectivity. Its dial up, wireless modem (with by far the majority of antenna located on the north side of Atanta) or satellite.

As far as service and continuity, from my geographic location and weather allowing, the data stream rate averages around 100kps download.. a far cry from the 1.5mps I have seen in marketing to consumers.





I really which I had done more research on Wild Blue before getting this service. I am one of many disappointed customers. I wish we (as disapointed customers) could recieve a refund as you would any other poor quality items.
I travel alot around the United States and I promise this wealth of information will obviously be shared with the communities I deal with on a corporate level as it will be well worth breaking my contract. I spend time submitting expense report and expect to get this done in a timely manner. “This is just not worth my time and efforts to consider any type of relationship with Wild Blue” I do not want a relationship with a Phone technician trouble shooting peak time. Or spending one more Saturday sitting around waiting on Wild Blue to come through with the service I was told that would be my HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION…




Wow, I got duped. I live in an area where I cannot get DSL and the loft me and my wife live in on our property is a hundred or so yards away from the main house. Instead of running phone lines for dial up, we instead decided to pay the premium and go with the ‘luxury’ of having ‘super fast’ Wild Blue. I signed the contract, and was extremely happy for about 31 minutes. Its been a year and  3 months now. Ive contacted customer service many, many times. Theyre always polite, but always blame it on weather, or blah blah blah. My service constantly cuts out, so I have to unplug and start over again. I ordered Netflix…..forget it. My movie load times are like an hour and then they only play for 5 minutes and then have to load again for another 25 mins. NEVER EVER EVER EVER get WildBlue. Its a headache, its literally better to NOT have internet. Or move. Moving is actually probably more cost effective.




This has been the worst experience in my Internet experience.  I have had Wildblue for three months.  The first week I thought I must be doing something wrong so I called and they said I probably needed the upgrade package to get the quality speed I needed.  I upgraded to the Pro package and this has not helped at all.  I have called five times in the last three months and have had to stay on the phone for at lest two hours per call.  Slow speeds, no service due to weather, refusal to give me someone to talk to at corporate headquarters.  I wanted to cancel because it is so poor and because they did not live up to their end of the contract.  To do this I must pay a $350.00 disconnect fee.  They said I should have read the 14 page contract better as they do not promise any speed at all.

This is worse than dial-up.  When I finally spoke to a supervisor who was rude and refused to give me her name.  I asked for someone higher and she refused to give my anyone.

I truly think this is worse than any service out there.  NEVER, NEVER USE WILDBLUE!!!!




No one  at wildblue can tell me WHY when you exceed thier usage you have to get back to 70% BEFORE YOUR SPEED gets back to 100% – they should have thier name changed to WILDSCREW.NET




I have had wild blue for about 2 months now. The service isn’t so great, but in my neighborhood there is no other option other than Satellite internet. With Hughes Net your internet is limited daily. With WB your internet is limited on a somewhat monthly basis. I picked WB as I rather deal with a monthly limit than daily. Turns out there’s some catch to their monthly limit. I am on the highest package (platinum $80/month). I am supposed to have a 17gb download and 5gb upload monthly limit. The truth is, you are even more limited than these grand numbers that they think is somehow sufficient internet. I reached 80% of my 17gb download limit within my first 3 weeks of service. To top it off, it turns out that after you reach 70% of your limit, they throttle down your speed. if you reach 100% they cut your service off?! Even worst…this percentage of download you reach, you are forced by the company to be penalized throughout the following month, because your forced to limit all of your downloads to lower that percentage of usage through the following month. What the H$%# kind of bull#$%^ is that?! how are they legally allowed to limit you on the following month of service if you already payed your premium for a whole months service. that’s like you paying for an apple and because you ate 70% of it, the next time you go to buy another apple “FOR THE SAME PRICE of 100%”, they say you are only allowed 30% of the apple until you starve your self enough to be punished for eating 70% of the apple last time! What the F$#$% kind of service is that?! Okay…I get that they have to limit internet usage so that people don’t crowd the satellites in space’s capacity, but this whole incurring damages the month after is BULLS#$%T! To add on to my anger is the fact that they NEVER in any documentation or verbally EVER disclosed that your monthly usage runs over into your following months service. That has to be illegal! someone must be able to do something about that?! Where’s the damn attorneys at?! I am a tech business owner myself and I am looking into the developing a tech service that “WILL” bring internet to neighborhoods like my own using my tech experience. This business plan will take some time, but I “WILL” make sure this is accomplished. As a service provider for my community I find it devastating that there is no company willing to bring service out to communities like my own, especially when you look at the fact that the internet is right down the street at the beginning of our freaking neighborhood. if anyone’s interested in staying in contact regarding my future service endeavor or seeking any tech advice, visit my company site under development http://www.**************.com




My mom ordered WildBlue in Feburary of 2010 when we gad tv with dish. The speeds are around 512 kilobits per second which is actually about 0 kbps to 64 kbps (depend if i am over or not. i just started itunes in feb 2010 and wich Nobody at wildblue telling me about super limited bandwith 7.5 gbs down 2.3 gbs up i was on wireless around the house with my mom on and also she started school near jan 2010. i downloaded about 6 to 7 gbs of itunes and not knowing i went over it stopped working my mom need an alternative. good thing we live close to the city but guess what we live in an aprartment and we cant get cable or something that easily. luckily we could get 3G WIRELESS with sprint and they have advetrised speeds of about 600 Kbps to 1.4 Mbps which is REALLY TRUE the y have 5 gb usage which really doesnt nmatter because they dont limit your speeds. We have really loved that and this coming feburary we are looking to cancel wild blue which is about 200-300 bucks. we are looking in to 25 mbps cable with cox (for me) and my mom wants to keep the 3g modem she has now. cox has a usage limit but who cares it is at 250 gbs and my computer is only 218 gbs big so i am guranteed NOT to go over




I agree with everyone else.  We had dial up and we thought that was slow.  Everytime it was down they would ask me how the weather was.  It didn’t matter if it was sunny, snowy, rainy.  The weather was not the problem. We waited until our 2 yr. contract was up but now cannot get through to them. We have dish satelite that is right next to the Wildblue satelite and our dish is not out very much at all.  I told them that if it was the weather why were we still able to get dish network.  They didn’t have an answer for that.  I hope that enough people complain so that they get what is coming to them.  Ecomony is bad enough and then you have a company like this that is taking everyone for a ride.




I had the service for about two years because that was the time on contract.I paid about $60 for nothing….The service was very pathetic and slow.Who stops anyone from receiving internet after a certain time? this company is completely lame.I would not recommend this service to not a single human being because it’s complete crap and it doesn’t help anyone.I still have their equipment…Does anyone know what I should do with it? They keep charging my accont about $6 every month.




my experience has been HORRIBLE… my salesperson did not tell me that i had a limit use of internet, like a cellphone, they didnt tell me that the only way of payment is to directly draft out of your checking account, which I DO NOT LIKE.. if they would of told me just that I wouldnt of went w/ there service.  I have problems all the time w/ my internet, like being extremely slow.. I’m thinking something is worong w/ my computer but its the internet.  I was not told how they work at all.. it costs $300.00 to break contract, which I didnt know I had a 24 month contract, NEWS TO ME>… I was just basically told that I can have internet and the people will be out shortly to hook it up.  I had to call back to get my monthly bill date, which I should of asked but isnt that there job? I Feel robbed! I’m in the process of getting out of this contract.  THey are not reliable, my boyfriend cant play station, my 2 lil boys have to watch how long they are on the internet for b/c once again, I didnt know I signed up for a cell phone service, I thought it was internet… oh well… will learn next time… BUT STAY AWAY FROM WILDBLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




The salesperson promised I would be able to Skype really well, said it should be realtime.  The only reason I got internet was so I could skype with daughter and son-in-law to see my only grandson born in November 2010.  We can’t always get a connection and when we do the picture is pixilated.  And we see about second of movement and about 50 seconds of still, when we’re lucky.  I have 5 months left on a contract. Some providers let you try it and cancel within so many days if you are not satisfied, but not Wildblue.  That should have been my first clue.




I have tested a cradlepoint mbr1000 evdo router with a Virgin Mobile usb modem for about a month now, to get out of the strangle-hold of wildblue. It isnt quite as fast on the download side, YET, but it will be. AND, the lag time, meaning ping times are WAY better. THEREFORE, I can play multiplayer games again….and guess what? A cloud doesnt stop it. Wildblue is a rip off. Charging for sevice they cannot guarantee is a grey area at best. If its stormy here, as it is every spring, good luck with it, but YOU STILL PAY FOR IT. Ive been paying for the uppity business class because of the FAP. I cant believe they are legally allowed to kill your connection like that, if you were treated like that by the power company, would you take it? I dare so no. Drop wildblue, if your smart. They have thier little hands around your neck, but they dont have to be there for many. Research the Cradlepoint MBR1000 or another router of the type, and a evdo type connection. Virgin has true UNLIMITED for 40 bucks a month. Verizon will be coming very soon with LTE(Mucho Grande Quick), shake them bastards loose.




DON’T BUY WILDBLUE!!  I’ve had it for about 5 months now and I’ve had 5 months of crap.  I’ve been on  the phone with their customer service about 6 times in the past 3 weeks to solve my connectivity problems.  They blame it on the weather.  The first 3 months sucked, but since winter hit Wildblue internet in my part of the world is non existent.  Thankfully Verizon wireless works like a charm or I wouldn’t be posting this.  The bad news is that WB wants to charge me a penaly of several hundred dollars to termintate my contract early.  As far as I’m concerned this is a bargain.  Spending a few hundred to stop the blood letting every month for internet that doesn’t work is a good deal.  They offered to credit me $100 for the past crappy service but when I told them to come get their dish off my roof they refused to give me the $100.  Real nice! I can live with the occasional weather related issues but This is ridiculous.  Dial up is better…for real.  If and when there is a class action suit I’m signing up.  Beware!




In my neck of the woods… we don’t have any choices regarding internet services.  It’s very slow dial up (no dsl availability) or in this case, WildBlue network. I purchased the largest/fasted package they offered as I do all my business online.
Other customers are correct when they say that the wording is (up to… this speed or that)  I could say that I am capable of running “up-to” 60 miles an hour and when I walk down the drive way to get the snail mail, I would bee in keeping with that statement.
I have had the pleasure of speeds at 178 kbs Only to watch the speed meter drop to 22 or even 12 kbs until around midnight.
WildBlue says to unplug the system, turn off the PC, wait…
Plug the router back in and re-start your PC, this has on occasion improved the speed a tad.
There can be no snow on the dish and the Tech I spoke with on the phone stated that I cannot spray any silicone or other treatments to reduce snow sticking or that would also impede the signal reception.
Any storm activity in the south will disconnect me.  A sudden summer shower will also stop me in my tracks.
Like many other rural dwellers, this is all we have, there are no options and they know it.
I have had this service for five years and must keep it as there is no other way for me to conduct business.
I’d like to recommend another alternative, but for now anyway, there isn’t one.
It’s interesting that this site exists, one would think that such a list of complaints would certainly get the attention of someone in this company?
When solutions are found and other options discovered, I hope folks will also post those positive remedies here.
We need satellites available in the northern hemisphere for better service.
Is WildBlue withholding some of their band width?  I’m also told that some of the band width is dominated by recent demand for NetFlix instant viewing activities… that’s why peak hours from say 6:00 pm EST to Midnight are slower than other times of the day.
I get up at 0530 to do my high content work online…
Thank you for having this venue for all of us to complain…




WARNING! DO NOT ORDER WILD BULL NO SPEED INTERNET SERVICE!HERES WHY. I used a 0 dollar amount debit card,when I ordered wild bull just in case it didn’t work. Well it didn’t work. So I called customer service to cancel and pick up their equipment. They said no,because I wouldn’t agree to their terms.  This was $600.00 and went on for about a week. Then finally ,after about 20 calls,they would be  sending a bill of $360.00. yea right. They set up their system and it didn’t even work. I don’t think so. How can that possiably be legal. Any mail I receive will be sent back with my bill to them for $1500.00 for all their inconveniences to me.




I have had WildBlue for 3 years and and have hated it 95% of the time.  Their speed is an atrocity and is fraudlent.  Rarely, will I get any real speed and see a glimmer of hope but then I am back to slow speed.  I have hit my limit of downloads even when I haven’t really used the service.  I do not understand how this company hasn’t been shut down by the FCC or other government entity.  But they only state “claims” of their service of “speeds upto …..” no disclaimer of minimum speed that lets them off the hook.  Wireless tower broadband is coming to my area and hopefully will be an alternative–though I still wonder how that will work also.  I wouldn’t want to pay $30 for the service I currently get from WildBlue.




YOUR SERVICE SUCKS…. STEP IT UP its old school oh you have already used your time on here and we can do a one time thing and reset it….. what the hell…… ?????  you are slower than dial up… if it was not for the contract you would be gone.



Yeah… I’ve been using Wild Blue for almost a year because of the contract they binded me by. Let me tell you that the service stinks! The internet is so slow that it hardly loads a page after a few minutes. It just goes blank. Sometimes, it says “page cannot load” due to some BS. I can’t open more than one page or else nothing will load.




I’ve had this service for 3 days. I canceled my credit card.  They won’t pick up their equipment. I don’t know what to do.  Please help!




Everything you are reading in this forum is 100% correct.  At peak hours it may take up to 5 minutes to load one web page.  Whenever my wife and I both get on at the same time it only gets worse. Do yourself a big favor and DO NOT even consider this equipment and service no matter how deperate you may be….or you will be very sorry.




CRAP! I wish I would have done more research. From day one, service sucked, the half assed installer damaged my house and the POS never even worked. So what happens to me?… I get charged for early termination. Oh! and it was sent to collection one month before I got the notice in the mail. Everytime I call I get more B.S. There are better options out there people! Do your research!




It’s been 8 days since wild blue went down on me and every time I call I get a different excuse as to why it isn’t back up to normal. I’m on dial-up right now and it’s much faster than WILD BLUE.  Anybody have an address or info on the lawsuit? Disgusted




I have Wildblue and I just spent an hour on Geico.com just to pay my payment. Thats how slow Wildblue is. WAY slower than dialup. DON’T GET IT.




Just got Wildblue about a week ago as a package deal with Directv and WOW I wish I would have came here first. They are SO SLOW and when we called tech suport about it some dude answered and we couldn’t understand his english. So after arguing with him and trying to understand him we finally hung up and called back. We got a person that could speak english and proceeded to tell them about how slow Wildblue was. Well they told us that we needed to upgrade our service even though we asked a hundred questions about the speed before we even ordered it. They assured us that it was everything we needed (NOT). So we decided to have them come back and get it so we called Directv and they said yes they would come and get it but it would add an extra year to the contract and our payments wouldn’t change at all. WOW so that means we have to give them over $1000 dollars to give them their own equipment back. We had hughes to begin with and even though we didn’t really care for them they was ALOT faster so since we still have that equipment we are just gonna set it all back up and use it again and tell them to come and get ALL of this equipment, Even the Directv box. And since we still have a Dish network system were just gonna switch back to them also. And we are getting ready to file bankruptcy so if they try to charge us for all of this worthless junk that they call good stuff we will just add them to the list of people to file on. We love the Directv system but were not gonna pay them over $1000 to come and get the worthless internet Wildblue equipment they sent us. Bottom line, Directv is ok but WOW DON’T GET WILDBLUE…




Today’s date is Tuesday, November.23,2010, and I am currently a Wildblue customer and have been for several months. My checking account as of today is -720.00 all because of Wildblue continuing to take large amounts of money out. I am going to try and tell this story as best as I can right now as I am very upset that my income for myself and two young children is below 1080.00 per month-not to mention Thanksgiving is day after tomorrow, and my electric bill cannot be paid until Wildblue gives me my money money. Ok-long story-here it is: I have always had my payments taken out by Wildblue by autopay and up until several months go,never worried about. Then in addition to my monthly payment of 44.00, Wildblue internet started taking out additional money on different days for no reason. It was a circle,Wildblue would take out money not owed to them,and I would call them only to have a customer agent assure me it would be taken care of. It never did so my bank would return and I would get charged 33.00 in overdraft charges everytime it happened. Yes! I know,why did I not cancel them? Well eventually I did and this is where the big story begins.A couple of months later after I closed my Wildblue account, Wildblue contacted me through mail stating they wanted there equipment back. Instead of searching for another internet provider,and tried to reason with myself by saying:you still have Wildblue equipment so just call them up and reopen a new account. So,I called Wildblue,paid to get my internet service, told my new account was open and now the “old” account was calle.Ok, good, new start!:) Not!:( Wildblue keeps charging my account large amounts of money on random days. One day it’s 233.00,another day it’s 418.00, another day it’s 56.00-while all this is happening,I have talked to several customer service agents trying to clear this issue up. This is what has been done:”NOTHING”!!!!!!! My checking account is -720.00,my income per month is:1070.00.I have two children under 7 years old. I am not mean and have resolved this issue several time through several customer service agents,and supervisors through corporate. I have been given Id numbers,tickets numbers,told that the refund department is on vacation, been treated horribly,hung up on many times, and lastly been told to fax in a copy of my checking account statement. I did, and a supervisor told me this morning she needs more information. WTF!!!!!!!I gave this company every slithering piece of evidence and still nothing has been done-nothing!!!!!!So,I know now Wildblue does not care and has never had any intention of clearing this up. Wildblue is evil. I now will but do not want to find out which type of lawsuit this is. They stole money from my children-my God-what kind of company is this?




Well heres a kicker for you, I was a satelitte tech who installed dish who pushes wild blue as thier high speed partner. I have installed many wild blue setups including finally at my own home. I will say without hesitation that wild blue is the worst isp there is. When I installed it I was only briefly on a new setups computer but I live ruraly so sat is my only choice besides dial up (which was way faster, more reliable, and way cheaper). I have confronted wild blue about the poor service which they push 10 times faster then dial up, what a joke, They say paying the early cancel fee is the only way out yet they DO NOT provide the service and speeds they boast in commercials, they are guilty of false advertising and we all who have had bad experiences need to unite and make them let us out of the contracts that we keep paying a high price for yet dont get the service we were promised. The BBB the FCC dept of consumer affairs, and maybe an attorney, (any attorneys looking for a well backed class action against this horrible company)?




I just cancelled my WildBlue service this week and man, am I glad!! When our internet was terribly slow(that was 90% of the time) or didn’t work at all, they would always say “You went over your upload/download limit.” They did not even mention this “limit” to us when we signed up. And I asked if they had a program that I could get to keep up with it, they said no with an attitude. I said how can we be over our limit??HOW?? They said they have a “rolling 30-day period”…What does that mean?! I’ll tell you what it means–IT’S A RIP OFF!!!! Did you know they only have ONE satellite up there? ONE for all their users. Oh, and when it’s cloudy you can forget it!! So, in short, don’t get WildBlue!!!




Yea, I have had Wild Blue for just about 2 years. I have never had any billing issues. However, from the beginning, the service has been, and still is slow as hell.  The only thing a little fast is a file download…usually about 1 MB/minute or faster.   but just surfing the web is very much like being on dial-up, and sometime dial-up would be faster.  I used to maintain a 2nd phone line as a backup when the Wild Blue service failed due to inclement weather…which is all the time.  On top of that, we have had many times where the service would just cease, on a clear sunny day.  Sometime would have to reset the modem a couple times before could get a connection.  A friend recently had the Hughes Net sat service installed, and at 49.95 /month is lightening fast compared to my Wild Blue service.  This makes me want to cancel Wild Blue and go to Hughs Net, but Hughes isn’t much better than Wild Blue…all Satellite Internet sucks though.  When they finally discover how to mask the latency so it does not negatively affect perceived connection speed/bandwidth, it might become worth what they currently charge.  But Wild Blue is the worst internet service I have ever had, especially at $69.95/month.





I had WildBlue internet for about six weeks. Over that time, I was told (unintentionally i think) by a WildBlue employee that they had been slowly reducing my internet speed after the first week in an attempt to get me to upgrade my service (which still would have been much slower than the cheapest cable internet option). They fined me $90.00 for going over my download limit AFTER they had already lowered the speed for no (ethical) reason.

This is a company that prey’s on people who live in remote locations. I would advise anyone and everyone to avoid WildBlue if at all possible. Lets let the rules of the market show WildBlue that poor service and predatory practice leaves you without customers at the end of the day.




For the last six weeks I have had no service from Wild Blue because their router has quit working properly. I was assured when I signed up that weekend service was avaliable – what a joke. I have called their customer service department 6 times to get service and get the same run around each time. They can only access a two week service window and don’t have any weekend appointments. Then this last Sat I get a voicemail saying they will be out first thing Monday morning. You would think in this horrible ecomony they could find some people that realize that Monday is not a weekend day. Oh and of course thsy have continued to suck money out of my account even though they are not providing any service.




I have had Wild Blue for six years now and if anyone asked how long I have lived in hell, I would say about six years now. My biggest problem is the bandwith. I pay 80 bucks a month for 17000 mb’s that I don’t use and they swear I do. They tell me FaceBook sucks up my bandwith and I think their equipment is wrong. In fact I know it is. I’m tired of fighting with them but where I live there is no other provider except hughes and there just as bad, so I just sit here and live in wild blue hell. I wish I could find an honest isp. Anyone know of one?




I have had Wild Blue for 3 years and it’s horrible! Connectivity is a joke. There doesn’t have to be a cloud in the sky for it to be unreliable. The FAP is ridiculous and a total money grab. Two of my neighbors have Hughs and they love it. I’m switching to Hughs.




We are so done with Wild Blue. Zero reliability, weather is not an issue (doesnt work as advertised in sun, rain, snow, fog, clouds, or clear sky). Consistent drops in connection when sputtering along at a whopping 30-80 kb, even though we paid for 1.5 m. Switching to cell phone provider, as the cell *always* has service (net). Dont waste your time or money.




Wild. Blue. SUCKS.
It is sunny, clear sky, no clouds whatsoever. Guess what? Wild blue doesn’t work. Reboot the modem, doesn’t work. Out in country, so no cable or dsl. Call customer service you say? No answer, in phone tree no help. Absolutely the biggest isp scam ever. It just doesn’t work. Ever. Old 28 kb modem was faster and reliable. Screw it, didn’t want to work anyway.




Yes, it is slow and unreliable. So I cancelled and got a “mobile hotspot” through my cell phone service. Works great and costs way less. Try it, you’ll like it.




I am getting irritated at Wildblue. Where I live I had choices of wildblue (referred by my phone company since they couldnt provide high speed DSL to my new address) HughesNet, Clearwire and a few others.  Of course I had to agree to a 2 year contract.  They gave me a promo for the first year of $39.99 – fine. Well now I am having to move after about 3 months or so of WB and they are making me start my contract over since it will be considered a new account since it’s a new address PLUS the promo is no longer available so I am now having to pay $49 a month.  I asked them if my husband transfers in a year due to his job, if I am going to have to start my contract over again and they said yes – I must complete my contract.. Who said I am not completeing my contract just because I am at a new address?  It is still me and I am still sticking with them. It isn’t right they are making me start my contract over just because it is a new address. I am so irritated, I just would like to be out of this contract but do NOT want to pay the $15 per month early out fee (times the number of months I have left) My installation tech said if I moved I could just opt out of my contract, but I am finding out that is wrong. I told the customer service rep at WB that they operate in a shady manner…




OK People,
Earlier today I filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.  EVERYONE who has been screwed by wildblue MUST do this.  Just go to the FCC website, and you will find our public servants anxious to help us.  When enough of us who have been victimized by wildblue file such complaints, wildblue will either be compelled to obey the law and respect our rights, immediately refund our money, and cease their deceptive business practices, or pay fines and penalties, or be convicted for crimes against us.  DO IT NOW!.  Let’s put a stop to this outrageous theft and extortion!




Well, Wildblue is up to their usual thievery and fraud.  I wrote previously on August 14th, 2010 regarding Wildblue.  Now they have stolen another $318.75 out of my account!  They claim it is because I didn’t return their equipment when I moved, however, I never did receive their return kit as promised.  Add this amount to the $232.90 they stole from my account previously, which is in the process of being refunded, making the total amount $551.65!  Add to this the overdraft fees charged by the bank of $25.00 plus daily interest.  When I called the woman I talked to (this time in Las Vegas) said there was nothing they could do about it until I returned their equipment.  When I asked her how I can be held liable for something it was made impossible for me to do due to their own screw-up, she said it was just their policy and when I returned the equipment in their box, I would be reimbursed.  When I asked her when they were going to deliver the box to me, she said it was scheduled to be delivered on August 23rd, 2010.  Meanwhile, I’m a disabled veteran on very limited income and $267.74 overdrawn at the bank.  When I explained this and demanded my money be refunded immediately, she apologized for Wildblue, and said that was not possible, and there was nothing anyone could do, and I would just have to wait.

My  next step is to file a formal complaint directly to the Federal Communications Commission, Federal Representatives, and anyone else I can think of to compel Wildblue to abide by the law and respect their customers’ rights.




I have had WildBlue service for 3 years and have had continious problems.  Satellite service does not have a reputation for being reliable and I have found that to be true.  Their service is also less than desirable.  If I had other ISP options this would not be my choice.




My complaints against wildblue are their billing policies and procedures more so than their often inadequate internet service.  I have been a wildblue customer for just over a year, and on three occasions, I was billed twice for one month’s service.  That would not be so bad if they would immediately correct their billing errors, but they always take plenty of time using your cash even when you are a disabled veteran on very limited income, placing you in severe and extreme financial hardship.  My experience with wildblue has been that their billing system, policies, and procedures are arbitrary and predatory, I believe in retaliation for daring to complain to their so-called “representatives,” who, for the most part, could care less about you as a customer, even though they appear to be polite and thankful.  I regret being a wildblue customer and the only reason I became one was because I couldn’t get high speed internet in the rural area where I live.  I will reserve the details for evidence in a class action lawsuit when it is filed against these crooks.




yes it’s true, it’s slow and not very reliable.  I had a nerve racking experience when installation was attempted.  technicians from another state had to come and fix the problems my local wildblue installer caused.  what really gets me is my husband had to relocate the lines thru the house and buy a grounding rod with materials.  wildblue to this day has not paid me.  how many times do I fax my receipts to them?!  they say “fax and you will be reimbursed for your inconvenience”.  B S!!!  i give up. and I will take the penalty charge to rid them.




when i signed up for wild blue i asked if it had unlimited download and upload and they said it was in there basic package but within a month i got a pop up that said i went over my threshhold and so i called and asked about it and they said that they dont offer an ulimeted plan and so i tried to cancel my contract but they said i couldnt because it said that in the contract and if i were to cancel i would have to send the equipment back and pay over 300 dollers




Wild Blue is terrible. The comments about the service being slower than dial up, unreliable and the ads are misleading, are all true. Here is my story… I had the service installed and the installation was completed with a bad satellite component. I called to get that repaired and service agent showed up but the service was still very slow. I called for the 3rd time and we tried the speed tests, clearing the Explorer history and it did not improve. The speed was 30 Kb/second. I was then upgraded from value to the select plan and the speed increased to a whopping 50Kb/second. I called again about slow speeds and they transferred me to the tech service and I was on the phone for 2 hrs 12 min trying to figure out what was wrong. He washed his hands of the thing and wanted to charge me $95 for technician to come out and figure out what was wrong. I promptly told them forget it and I don’t want the service. Disconnecting took 3 days for the “Corporate Office” to call and they are just monkeys reading scripts. Don’t bother trying to speak with Supervisors as they are useless and won’t do anymore than the normal person. They said everything was fine with the connection and offered a bunch of crap like upgrading with a credit for a few months, but in the end, you will end up paying more for less. That is what it comes down to. I cancelled, the service and took a sustantial hit as I had only had the service for less than 2 weeks. They would not budge on the contract and the customer is screwed as usual. I have already swayed multiple people from going to Wild Blue and I will continue to do so.




   I was just terminated today July 26, 2010 from Wildblue.

The reason for my termination was that I took a telephone call from an angry customer that was told that Wildblue was 10 times faster than Cable and DSL.

I told the customer that that statement was not true and we were slower than cable and dsl.

I also asked the customer if she had cable or dsl available in here area.

For telling the customer that wildblue was slower than DSL/cable and asking her if she had DSL/Cable in here area, I was terminated.

If a customer called with slow speeds, we were just instructed to have them fill out 2 forms called Information Gathering (http://help.wildblue.net/care/article/4113&n=1) and Slow Connectivity (http://help.wildblue.net/care/article/4117&n=4). We also had to open a ticket which we would close at the end of the call and give a ticket number to the customer. We would have the customer log on to toast.net to perform 3 speed tests. Once speed came back lower than the customer was paying for, we told the customer the following: Speeds are not guaranteed. Your rate plan has UP TO 1.5mbps (for pro), 1.0mbps (select), 512kbps (value). The actual Wildblue average for Value was 200kbps, Select 500kbps, Pro 900kbps. We would tell the customer everything was working fine as long as they were close to average. If they were not close to average, we would make up some story about how testing at toast.net is never 100% accurate, or it was the web hosts problem like hostrocket, yahoo, godaddy and not our problem. We would then get the customer off the telephone and move on to our next call.

Our Fair Access Policy was horrible as well. It was a rolling 30 day period which means it could go to 2 different billing cycles and never start over at the time your new bill is paid. It pretty much went back 30 days from each day. Example, if today is July 26, 2010, it took usage from June 27th, 2010 to today.
Hughes net gives you unlimited downloading between the hours of 1am to 6am. We never had any unlimited downloading.

Our system was horrible when it was cloudy, snowing, raining, pretty much horrible all together.

I assisted customers with technicians not showing up, modem being offline, customers calling after 3 months of install and into a contract and having to pay $95 to have a technician come out and fix a faulty install (I should say wind storm instead of faulty install since we never would blame our technicians for a bad install we always had to ask if they had storms lately, etc)

We would give you a free Discount Repair Program, Month of Service and Service call if you said the Magic Words, “I am going to cancel”. Pretty much “I am going to cancel” is the statement you need to use to get things free from Wildblue.

We had 3 different systems we would use. Infinys (name of our Billing Program), Support Portal (name of our system that can see if your service is up and running) and CIMS (the system to initially look up the customer). Link to Infinys is https://portal.servicecenter.wildblue.net:8772/go?to=UA_Signin&from=dummy&task=dummy&redirectFlag=true Support Portal https://portal.servicecenter.wildblue.net/ and CIMS https://cims.wildblue.cust-serv.com/WildBlueCims/login.aspx

Infinys was a program designed by Convergys. I am not sure who designed Support Portal and CIMS.

The customer knowledge base was help.wildblue.net/kb/ The employees knowledge base was help.wildblue.net/care/

The Wildblue default installer ID was 34853836. We would always have to use then when customers were suspended for the system not letting them sign the customer agreement. This happened all the time.

When a customer called to pay a bill we would process it in the Infinys program and we never had a confirmation number since I do not believe the charge was instant. So pretty much you could call with an invalid credit card or one with insufficient funds and we would turn you back on and not know about it for a day or so.

The simple fact of the matter is that Wildblue was not a very good service. People constantly called with problems and forget about getting online if it is Cloudy or raining. Also forget about getting decent speeds in some areas because they have way too many people on a circuit than they should have.

We were trained to always Apologize to the customer and try and talk nice to them under any circumstance. We always had to say at the end of the call “For your convenience, you can chat live with us at wildblue.net” This always seemed to make the customers get mad and they would say, “I would if I had internet service, etc”

So I guess if I were stuck living out in the Country I would probably choose HughesNet. #1 because they are a KU BAND service which works in the rain/clouds, #2 they have been around longer #3 Commerical businesses use them, #4 From talking to our customers they always talked about having hughesnet in the past and it sounded like a much better system from what they described. (I did use HughesNet back in the 90’s when it was one way receive only. It worked pretty good

Hope this helps clear up everything with WildBlue.

Our Technical Escalations Department telephone number is 1-877-711-0049. This has a Wildblue agent waiting 24 hours a day that can fix your problem instantly. THEY DO NOT GIVE THIS NUMBER OUT TO REGULAR GENERAL PUBLIC, you have to call a regular Wildblue Tech agent before they will call to this department on your behalf. Personally I would call this number if I were a WildBlue customer and get straight to the source for help in getting your service restored.




My total experience with WildBlue Internet was complete bull. Since I live out in the country and DSL was not available at the time I moved in, my choices were either dial-up or satellite internet. So I went with WildBlue, because the alternative (Hughes Net) was more expensive and WildBlue offered sign-up discounts. Everything went until right after the dish was installed.

Immediately upon using my internet the first time, I noticed that it was not as fast as I expected it to be. It was almost unusable any time it rained, got cloudy, or snowed. This created many problems with my college work, and I was paying almost $80 a month for WildBlue’s services which I felt not worth the trouble at all. Often times I chose to just drive the half hour to school to use their computers instead.

Another big issue was the download threshold policy. I repeatedly got emails from WildBlue about how I was approaching my download threshold and if I exceeded it, my service would be slowed down to accommodate for other customers. The email also stated that I could view my internet usage with their “Download Manager” web page, which, conveniently enough, was never working when I tried to check it. I contacted WildBlue about this several times and was told each time that the page was undergoing maintenance and would be back up soon. I was never able to view the Download Manager once during the year and a half I was a customer. When I did inevitably exceed the threshold, instead of my internet being slowed down, it was completely shut off. In order to get it turned back on, I had to either wait until my usage went down on their 30-day cycle, or sign up for their more expensive plan. I chose the latter because no internet was not an option for me.

Finally, DSL became available in my area through the local telephone company around February 2010 and I decided it would be worth it to cancel my 24-month contract with WildBlue. Even with the termination fee of $15 per month remaining in the contract, I would save money. I called WildBlue and cancelled my account, and I was told they would send me a box to return the equipment. This was all the information that was given to me.

The box arrived at my house, but my roof was covered in snow so I had to wait to climb up there and take down the dish. This was something I would have to do myself because WildBlue would charge me extra to send someone out to take down the dish that they had put up for free when I signed up. A couple weeks later, the snow melted and I planned on taking down the dish the next day. I checked my bank account when I got home from work that day, and to my horror, I saw that WildBlue had charged me, without my permission, for roughly $320. I immediately called the customer service line to find out what happened, and they said they had charged my account for unreturned equipment and that it was their policy to inform the customer how much time they had before the charge would be made. I was never informed of how much time I had, and they had never mentioned anything about the possible charge. The woman I was talking to that day said that if I send them the equipment immediately, I could call back with the tracking number and have my refund expedited.

I took the equipment down the next day and immediately had it shipped back to WildBlue. I called their customer service line while still in the parking lot of the UPS Store, and the man I talked to said that he didn’t need the tracking number because they already had it, and I would get my refund in 7 days.

A week came and went, and I still had not gotten my refund. I was very upset because that was half of my house payment they had taken. I called again, and the woman I talked to said that my refund could take up to 2 weeks to go through from the time I shipped the equipment back. After another week, I still had not gotten my refund. Exhausted from getting a different answer every time I called, I asked to speak to a supervisor the next time I called in. I explained the situation and he said that for some unexplainable reason, my refund had gotten caught up in billing and he “released it” while on the phone with me. Three days later, I finally got my money back. The next day, I got another email from WildBlue saying that I owed $320 to them for unreturned equipment. I called, infuriated, and the man said that it was simply a mistake and that I would not be charged the money.

I would not recommend WildBlue to anybody. I firmly believe that they hassle customers like this in hopes that they will give up on getting their money back. I was only given a final answer when I got so angry that I asked for a supervisor. They didn’t win their battle with me, but I’m sure they have won plenty of battles with people less tenacious.




I’m a web developer who lives off the grid with solar and wind electricity.  Satellite internet is the only choice here.  All satellite internet providers stink, and the new kid on the block, Wild Blue, was supposed to be a good alternative.  IT IS NOT.

I have my own horror stories about the Fair Access Policy (FAP). Your combined total bandwidth usage of download and upload could only be 60%, but if one of the categories is over then you’re offline for 30 days, even though you will be required to pay 100%.  Your usage could only be over by 5%, but your bandwidth will be limited by 75% for 30 days.

You only get internet access back after you’ve fallen below 70% bandwidth usage.  This tells me that Wild Blue wants you to pay 100%, but only use 70% of what you pay for.

All of that aside since I finally took the bullet and upgraded to their $90 a month package since I need internet access to make money (FAP pretty much forces customers to take the more expensive upgrade).  I work primarily at night when everything’s quiet.

Last night I was busy working away when I lost my internet connection for an extended period of time.  I lose my connection all of the time even with the $90 a month package, their service is just so crappy.  Last night, however, it continued longer than usual.

I finally called tech support.  They were doing “scheduled” maintenance and told me that I would be offline for 4 hours.  I asked whether I had received a courtesy email telling me this so that I could plan around it.  I have deadlines to meet, and if I’m working on a server when I lose my connection all work can be lost.  Even my hosting company, that I only pay $7.00 a month, has the courtesy to let customers know when they are doing scheduled maintenance.  In Wild Blue’s case, I guess they are only ones who need to know the schedule.

Tech support’s answer was, “Oh, no, we don’t have that yet.”  I asked for her to forward my request to inform customers when they will be offline for “scheduled” maintenance.  She laughed and hung up on me.

Wild Blue is expensive, unreliable, and they have no customer service whatsoever.  I’m still waiting for a call back from nearly a month ago over another issue.  If you have any internet access other than satellite and Wild Blue, I’d recommend that.

Oh, yeah, Wild Blue retains their existing customers through their forced 24-month contract.  If not for that, people would be fleeing them right and left, I am sure.  Read their own forum with post after post from dissatisfied customers.

I highly recommend filing complaints with your state Attorney General and the FCC.




TIP 1 – Cancel the credit card you are being billed on, BEFORE you cancel service with Wild Blue.  Latest fraud – they will claim that you only sent PART of your equipment back in the same box.  They send one box for return on the Modem, Tria and eternet cord.  You have the slip of proof you returned their box, right?  Their FRAUD is that they claim they got your box with the modem, but YOU “forgot” to include the tria, which they will bill you $160.00 for.  Guess what – and you cant PROVE you sent them all unless you videotaped the packaging.  Even so, they will initially lie and tell you they got all your equipment and then take the money off your card when you least expect it.

TIP 2 – Make sure to videotape your entire packaging in front of the UPS representative (get their name as well) showing them each item and serial numbers (modem/tria) on video as you proceed to  tape up the box (and then YOUTUBE IT).  Again, IMMEDIATELY CANCEL the card before you cancel service.  Even though I’m positive they will still bill you for missing equipment, at least that way they can’t take the money off your card when you least expect it.  Then, you can mail the company your videotape with your complaint letter.  Someone needs to catch these fools in their fraud scheme.  For those who havent ordered yet – LISTEN and NEVER buy from this company. Anyway, from all the comments, dial-up is faster and cheaper.




Yea i was looking up why my wildblue was so dam slow so then i found this site yea wildblue sucks ass. My dial  up was 10x better then this garbage. Only perk of this internet is it dosent tie up phone lines THATS IT!




Nice sunny days out side.  Clear nights listening to the crickets and watching the stars twinkle.  No internet is the only reason I know this.  Seems I have used all my bandwidth up.  For years I had dsl, I was never denied access.  Yet since I have moved to the country seems I can only be online a certain number of minutes a day.  I pay over $80 a month and yet I can’t even play my online games right now.  I was told not so nicely that it would reset in 30 days.  So, for an entire month I get crap for $80.  Dial up sucked, but I think Wild Blue is worse.  Contract or not, can’t squeeze blood from a turnip, I think I am going back to dial up.




Wow…totally disappointing.

Not only have I not had service this slow since 1994 (it takes about 15 minutes to download a 4 minute YouTube video, and I have a screamin’-fast computer), but I have the $70 monthly package to boot.  And with each slight disturbance in weather?  The signal goes out.  I had DSL for years with blazing speed and NEVER ONCE had an outage…in Maine.  Where the weather is often lousy…I have had it for almost a year and not 30 days go by when it doesn’t go out…when my contract is up, out they go.




Service is slower than dial-up.  Their disclaimer says they don’t guarantee speed or servcie, but the salesperson never mentioned that.  He said I would be running 5x faster than dial-up. Nothing but a bunch of liars!  Their solution…upgrage for an additional $20 per month.  I said is it guaranteed to run faster?  They said no.  Sounds like I got the old bait and hook switch.  If I was the CEO of Wildblue, I would be embarassed to tell people where I work!

Can wait until my contract expires.




I have been an unhappy customer of Wild Blue since September of 2008.  My experience started with an install without working equipment, then wait for a week for another install.  24 hours after the install it rained and the nice hole the installer made in my roof acted as a funnel which allowed over 30 gallons of watter into my home making it’s way down all 3 stories.  Wild Blue of course took no responsibility and gave me the contact info for the installer, who wouldn’t take responsibility.  After almost 2 years I finally get a letter from my insurance company saying they were unsuccessful to recover the $3300.00 I spent out of my own pocket because the installer had no insurance or assets to put a lien on.  Now this sure seems like Wild Blue’s problem now.  They hired them to do the work and don’t they check that these company’s insurance, and bonds?  So now, I’m waiting for corporate to call me but I’m sure they will keep the stance that it isn’t their problem!  Oh and not to mention their service sucks, if it rains I can’t even get online!




Wild Blue install guy came to our house and during install asked for our credit card number,signed our contract and lied to us about the FAP. Wild blue has fapped us three times 1. We were on vacation and they fapped us. 2.I went to my grandmothers house for the week and they fapped us. 3.I downloaded a song…….. guess what? THEY FAPPED US! My mother cannot use the internet on either of her laptops or her desktop because its so slow. I used to play WoW,SWG,AoC, and various other mmos and iv had to stop becuase we where told you could play them on wildblue. You cant and now were pissed.




Wild Blue sucks!!!  We’ve had Wild Blue 3 years and I can say I’m totally fed up with the unreliability. Even partly cloudy days we could not connect. If you have a rain drop in the sky, it won’t connect. If you get FAP’d (which is a joke by itself), you can’t connect. I hate FAP. If I pay for XX Mbps then I better get 100% of XX, not 70% of XX (which is when they start cutting you down). I’m switching to Verizon broadband MiFi. At least I’ll be able to get on the internet when and where I want. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH WILD BLUE

Another thing, 3 weeks ago we went from the Silver package to the Gold so we wouldn’t get FAP’d.  Guess what, we got FAP’D!!  After 2 lengthy calls to Dishnetwork/Wild Blue they determined that they had been billing me for the gold package but kept my limits at the silver level. I demanded a refund for the 3 weeks.

By today (6/8/10) at noon, I’m done with this mess.




I just wanted to let you know how much they suck. On the phone they didn’t tell me that it was limited. The guy came to my house read the contract and I told me it was limited. I told him that the telephone representative did not inform me that it was limited. The driver said, “They never tell you on the phone.” The information as far as maybe having to install a pole on the property to put the satlelite on was inconsistant. They would not take the satlelite back on the truck with the driver. I called and spoke with the man who I initally opened the service with and he said I will have to pay shipping only if he didn’t tell me during the phone call. He said that he would look up the phone call and contact me. He never made contact with me. I disputed charge through my credit card provider.




I have had WB(should be called What Bull****)and I am tired of paying 80 a month for service that seems like it should be 1.00 a month.  My phone service for internet runs better and faster than wildblue. I have been contacted by wildblue because of payments and the like, but when I call in for support, I don’t get it.  They sure can provide THEIR customer service to themselves to collect the money or make sure they are getting paid.  BUT if we ask for what we pay for, we don’t get anything  but headaches.  There are enough issues and complaints-obviously-from this site, so why don’t we all set up a class action suit!  It only takes one person to start it..so let’s get going now!!!




I’m not happy with Wildblue myself.  Weather is a problem, snow and rain can have you without service for long periods of time. Even sunny days I have frequent 1 to 10 minute spells of no service. I have the “Value” pack.  If I start to download a large file from someplace, I cannot complain much on that as long as I have service, it downloads as fast or sometimes faster then they advertise.

But the uploads, like to my websites, they are SUPER SLOW, usually somewhere between 0.02 to 0.04Mbps, when it should be pushing close to 0.20Mbps according to their advertising.  Watching my meter, it will spike now and then for a second or two to that speed, but the average is super slow.  Really annoying when trying to upload a video clip or audio to a website. The slow upload speed also causes frequent time outs for email and certain webpage loading.  Tech support never gets to the bottom of the problem either and sometimes tosses you off to another tech person who doesn’t resolve the problem either.  Web pages as a whole, load just as fast as regular Modem speed, unless they have a larger file with, like audio or video, then the speed picks up a little. I would not recommend Wildblue unless no other option is available over dial-up. I won’t pay for a step-up either, as I would be worried my average upload speed would only increase from 0.03Mbps to 0.06Mbps, and for what they charge and how they “fix” upload problems–it’s not worth it.  In a couple of years our local telephone company says they will be offering DSL, I won’t hesitate the switch.




I would like to please be made aware of any class-action lawsuits.  This company is ripping people off.

I have been a wildblue customer since 2007 and I’ve put up with the poor customer service, high-fees, neverending contracts and slow, unreliable connection for years, but what happened this week was the final straw.

I filed the following complaint with the BBB in Colorado:
“Had an unauthorized charge to my account and Wildblue refuses to refund charge.

Last month I moved. Approximately two weeks ago Wildblue sent the return kit for my old equipment to my OLD address. If it wasn’t for my friend being at this old residence I would have never even known they sent such a package.

When she told me that such a package arrived I called Wildblue to see how long I had to return the equipment, explaining it was a 2-hour drive to go get the box. I was told by the Wildblue customer service representative that they would not charge me and I had “plenty of time.” I assumed this meant that I would not be charged and I could go pick up the box in a week or two and return the equipment and all would be well.

This morning I awoke to discover that Wildblue had debited my account $291.90 without any notice whatsoever. I called and they explained the charge was for unreturned equipment. I told the customer service representative that I fully intended to return the equipment, but I did not currently have the return kit because they had sent it to my old address, where I no longer resided. I further told her of the conversation I had previously with a representative of their company where I was told I had “plenty of time” to return the equipment.

The CSR (customer service representative) then informed me that no notes existed of such a conversation so it never happened, and they would only refund my money after the equipment was returned. I asked her how I was supposed to return the equipment without the return kit. I explained that I am on a tight budget and cannot afford to be out $300 until I can correct their company’s own mistakes by driving two hours to pick up the kit and return the equipment.

This complaint is further exasterbated by the fact that last month they charged me for service at both addresses and didn’t refund the overcharge for an entire month.

I know that $300 may not seem like a lot to some people, but I am a single, low-income person just trying to get by. I cannot pay my bills now because Wildblue has taken money out of my account, “out of the blue.”

I felt I have done everything on my end to correct the situation and Wildblue has done absolutely nothing. Wildblue was the one who shipped the kit to an address where THEY KNEW I no longer resided! I even took extra steps to call their customer service department and specifically ask when the items were due. Had I been told that my account was to be charged right away, I would have taken the extraordinary measures to retrieve the kit and send in the equipment.

I have gone out of my way to accomidate Wildblue. I am not only out the $291.90 they have deducted from my account, but also the gas money and time to go retrieve the kit that they mailed to the wrong address, I will incur late fees on my bills because now I don’t have enough money to pay them, and the stress and severe inconvenience this has caused.

It is not my job to train their employees. I asked what other steps should I have taken to ensure I was not charged? Can we not trust what their CSR’s say? Should I get every statement in writing, or call 5 or 6 times to make sure I am speaking with someone who will tell me the truth.

This is a scam, plain and simple. They had my credit card info, they wanted money, so they purposefully sent the box to a place that I could not immediately retrieve it, purposefully told me the wrong thing when I called all in a scam withdraw money out of my account without notice or warning (and evidently without remedy).

I also spoke to two supervisors who would do nothing.”

This company obviously feels it is above the law.  I have changed account numbers so they can no longer debit from my account.  I will refuse to give them one more dime until they return my $300.  Even then I’ve requested a full fee-free cancellation as I REFUSE to allow a company access to my account when they feel they can withdraw any amount anytime they want without any notice or warning.




I am glad to know I was not the only customer to have a horrendous experience with this company. The installation required an additional $180 undisclose fee. The service was slowwwww support was pitiful and the regulating authorities should investigate. About 15 months into my “contract”I was no longer able to afford because of permanent disability fixed income and foreclosure of my home. They still wanted their $203 “cancellation fee” for service I never got!!!. I too would like to be made aware of any class action suits.



I very recently broke an 8 month contract with Wild Blue. I’m very happy, and after seeing how their service is I will never go back. I was initially referred by a friend but when their service didn’t stand the test of quality worthy and he switched to Comcast I should have taken it as a sign.

First I was told I’d have to pay a 185 dollar one time set up fee. Then I’d be leasing the equipment for 59 dollars, and with tax it would be 61 dollars a month. I got the custom install, and the guy even offered to give me a job with Wild Blue. But luckily for me I was in Technical College at the time during the evenings so that was more important.

I read other horror stories wondering just what the hell I got myself into. I paid the 61 a month. But when it rained it went out. I never had any internet. Even when it got cold outside, or the clouds provided shade to dim the signal it was out. Or up & down. Some times for no apparent reason my internet would go down. Then I couldn’t sign on for a day or more. I really was wondering what was going on. The first six months it worked fine. After that I couldn’t even watch video. The service slowed down to a snails pace. I have to say that if the network is so poor it can’t even keep my signal’s range I wish I never would have gotten involved with this service.

When I canceled, and was outsourced either to India or Pakistan, I’m still not sure which one. The service rep had the audacity to ask me why I was disconnecting service, and also what other problems did I have. Well I had to pay 185 dollars for a “set up” fee for one. I told them the service was too slow, and every time it rained the internet went out. Any other problems? Yes? How about the fact that your customer service sucks! So I was told I’d get a refund in 10 to 30 days. How thoughtful of them. At this point I’ll take anything back that they robbed me of.

Also my disconnect fee would be about 120 dollars.

I wish I had found this website long before I ever considered Wild Blue. I’m usually looking everything up first but like several others I wasn’t hooked. I was just curious, and found out that Wild Blue is just out for your money because there is definitely no quality there.

I’ve since moved on to another service. I’d suggest that the rest of the customer base that has Wild Blue move on to a more reliable service as well.



Wild blue does suck, indeed. We have been FAPed and now for 4 days we have NO INTERNET not slow internet as stated in section5 of the contract. Each day I have run a usage report and it still shows we are at 107% upload even though NOTHING is connected to the sat system. No computers, no routers nothing at all. It has sat disconnected for 4 days and still they show usage, but I was assured by there tech people that there is no way a defective modem can send any data therefore I must be sending it. I guess the ehthernet signal must just magically jump from the disconnected router into the ethernet port on the back of the modem. This is our third major problem with WB. Just after getting the system we had high windstorms that knoked down a tree on the dish. We called for 3 weeks back and forth trying to get a replacement and installer to point it. THe order kept getting lost and we were told we had to pay for the dish. Then when we finally got an installer we F***d up the pointing so we had a poor signal for several months until we complained enough that they sent a new installer out that took the time to point and check the signal. Now we are up to the FAP issue, we are done with these idiots and their poor business practices. We are going to cancel early and we will refuse to pay for any cancel fees. THey negated the contract by eliminating our http transfers instead of slowing them. A lawsuit needs brought up against this company for its practices.

When talking to the tech I ask for a home office address he said they do not have a home office. I found it online.




Wildblue does suck! I have had to suffer through satellite service where I live for 8 years. First Hughes Network, nightmare one, now Wildblue nightmare 2.
I called them today to try and move a complete system I have at one location to my rental house so my renter could have internet access. It was a 30 minute nightmare talking to someone from a SouthAmerican country I could barely understand. They said even though I had a complete set up, I would have to lease a new one. Insane. They said it was because I was turned over to collections on that account, well I was but I had my cancellation number so they sure didn’t get anymore money out of me. But it obviously still shows collection on my account. Idiots.

When I asked for a supervisor, the same girl came back on the line and said her name was different but they had the exact same accent and sounded the same, what bull.

Needless to say, I told my renter to go purchase a router and since we are right next door, he can share my crappy slow service. So they will not get any additional money from any of my places.

I am praying for dsl, broadband or anything in this God forsaken farmland.




WB is the worst company I have ever dealt with.  They are impossible and charge outrageous prices.  I am not sure how they stay in business.  I am seriously considering another form of action against them.  BBB will definitely be notified of their ripoff prices and deplorable business practices.




Honestly, when it works, it is great- I just wish it would work. Lately, with the poor weather, the service has been so bad that we have been using dial-up almost as much as sat. internet. The last couple days the weather has been fine, but it’s still been going down or slowing to the point of taking 3 minutes (timed it while on the phone with customer support) to load yahoo classic mail. I was instructed to do a speed test- so I did. Then after confirming my internet was slow I was told to call back after 10 P.M. with a new speed-test.
So, 10:05 I’m on the phone with support telling me “welcome to sat. internet- what you want us to do?” I even explained the results of my dial-up speed test was higher than the sat. I get 3 download and 4 upload on my $6 dial-up and 4 download and 4 upload on my $50 sat. internet.

If you plan on calling customer support, it’s a toss of a coin whether you get someone to help- or someone to tell you to buy a larger package to pay more for the crappy connection of “up to” larger speeds. Ask for a supervisor and you’ll usually get someone (sounds almost 19) to yell and talk down to you because it’s just the way it is.

Needless to say, after admitting that they were “upgrading” their service because “peak hours” is like that for everyone- I am calling the BBB to see what I can get accomplished. At this point, dial-up is all that I can depend on, so my contract should be terminated. I have the screen-shots of the speed tests on sat and dial-up, so please tell everyone you can about the continued quality they’ll get from w-blue, before they pay to find out- wish someone would have told me!




You got that right! In Nov of 09, DISH talked me into this service and right off, I was not happy with it! They sucked me into a $99 installation fee and then I was to pay $49.99 a month and after a few days, it became clear that this service is not worth a lick! I called repeatedly to complain, half the time I could not get online and this was when weather was not a factor! If you tried to email, it would time out before you were even finished and videos, forget it! Luckily for me, my phone company started offering high speed DSL so I went with that and I called up Blue and told them to come get their equipment, I did not want this service anymore, and they got really rude and nasty, (I found out this is the norm) and proceeded to tell me that they were going to charge me $400 because I canceled before the 2 yr contract was up and I was like Good Luck with that as they did not have my debit card on file, so ya know what happens next? DISH GIVES them the # and they sucked $487 out of my acct, overdrawing it and I was livid! The bank stopped payment on it, Thank God, and I canceled the card DISH had on file and I was so mad at them for giving Blue my number, I was a happy satisfied customer till that happened, that I called up and canceled my service with them! And they of course tell me that I would be charged $300 and I told them that the card they had on file had been canceled and the woman was clearly pissed, and then proceeds to tell me it will go to collections, like I care? I have fairly good credit, I pay my bills on time so I am not worried about DISH! And today, I find out from a guy who used to install for Blue, that Blue is not accepting new customers. like they are gonna get any? The word is out on this fly by night operation! Now I did call the law too as I have a friend who is a deputy, I too used to work in LE and he told me if I did not authorize them to take money out of acct, and that I was not happy with the service, that I should not have to pay anything for canceling. He called Blue and they assured him I would be getting my money back and I believe this is due in part that they know they will be going out of business and the only reason they are still operating, is the money they have sucked off people because they know their service is lousy and they KNOW people are gonna cancel! Now the law will advise that this is partially a civil issue, but since fraud is involved, they will get involved, at least in MI as the Atty General is investigating Blue as well! So I do hope everyone who has been ripped off will get their money back or can have another ISP!




I switched to wildblue from a dial up connection hopeing it would be better but found out the hard way  IT’s NOT.It just costes me alot more.I have been on the phone with them many many times.My connection is horrible.the people you call all have you do the same thing over and over and still nothing has changed.same proublem but the bill keeps getting payed.




This is the worst service ever and extremely expensive.  I am beginning to think the same company that owns sirius.  Right hand does not know what the left is doing.  Customer service is awful.  It is so slow dial up is probably quicker.  They send your notices to an email account with wildblue.net and we never use it so obviously we dont check it…. How are we suppose to get messages if they dont let you use your normal email address.  The have service and mailing address as the street when they were told that we have no mail service in that area except po box.  They have a phone number why dont they USE IT! Before they turn it off.  It is obvious the account number must have changed.  They were notified but it still was not updated. COMPLETELY CRAP SERVICE across the board.




We’ve had Wildblue for a couple years now and service has always been horribly slow. Many days it is SLOWER than dial up connections we’ve tried in the past. It doesn’t take much online activity for you to exceed your monthly “fair use” limit. Biggest bunch of BS ever. Like others we’ve called and complained about the speed. We’ve upgraded the service to the fastest speed they offer, and it isn’t ANY faster at all! Customer service is a joke. We’ve replaced old wireless routers and such thinking maybe the old equipment was creating a bottleneck in our connection, but that wasn’t the problem. Besides the obviously sloooww connections, I think our biggest problem is the fact that it doesn’t take much at all to hit “your limit”. Then the service slows itself down even MORE! And in some cases we received notices in the mail letting us know that we’ve “already reached 80% usage for the month and if we go over the limit again our service might be terminated”. Really?! Well if it wasn’t the only damn thing available that wouldn’t be such a bad thing! It might even be welcome! Complete waste of $80/month. I’m all for the Class Action against these crooks!




My name is J****** P*** and I live in Sylvania, Alabama, Dekalb County.

I want it known that Wild Blue dish network is guilty of false advertising, bait and switch-over-charging, damaging installation work, slow internet speed, and shutting the service off multiple times without notice.  They’re representatives also claim they have no way of knowing the exact amount of money that has been taken out of my account, since they don’t keep those records.

I signed up for the installation for $99.00 and was told at the last minute that I needed a mounting pole for an additional $50.00.  Since 12/18/2009 I have been charged, not the 54.00 that appears on the contract, but $125.00 every month, plus an additional $190.02.  My checking account bounced, forcing me to pay $70.00 in late fees as a result of these overcharges.  Add to that, they have shut down our service twice without notice, costing my brother, C**** S******** who is a best-selling author, to lose hundreds of dollars in lost sales and miscommunication with his agent and publishers.

The technician, who installed the hardware, left a 15ft section off the mobile home trailer skirt and lost all of the fastening screws, requiring it to be reattached at expense.  He simply left the skirt laying in the dirt when he finished the work.  The installation process took more than five hours, with the tech continually trying to get the proper sat signal into the receiver.

On two occasions, we were told by customer support that they were sorry for the overcharges and promised to credit us for two months.  They continue to charge double the monthly fee and claim to know nothing about any verbal agreements concerning monthly credit allowances.

The dish has been installed in front of the main entrance to the house, and is pointing directly at the roof eave.  No doubt this has slowed the service down to a trickle due to bad reception.  Snow or overcast days knocks the signal completely out, where we lose days of service.

I am on fixed income, and this has shattered my household financial status, and I will probably never recover from it.

We need a class-action suit against this company Now!  Please email me with how I can participate in this class-action suit against Wild Blue.

My brother would also like to be contacted, since he has more damaging evidence against them.  His name is C**** S******** and his email address is below:

***email witheld***

Thank you,

J*** P***




I have had Wild Blue service through Dish Network for 4 months. I have called 6-7 times in the past 4 months complaining about it asking for help. I was told that their would be someone out to look at it and they never showed up. The customer service sucks. You sighn a contract with these people to receive internet service and they renig on their agreement to you to provide it. When you ask them to shut it off b/c of the very poor service, they want to charge 350.00 How is this fair? I cant afford to pay that to shut service off Im not even getting, and I hate throwing 60.oo away every month for nothing. It is seriously nothing that I am getting. What can I do?




I’m going on 3 years of this horrible service. Have to reset it several times a week. Takes forever to get through to someone and when you do they make you do the same thing. Unplug it and plug it back in. After about 15 calls they will finally give you a service call. The usually reschedule 3 times before they show up but of course they dont call til mid morning so youve already took a vacation day. The tech guy always says the same thing. Wildblue has allowed to many customers on. The customer support is horrible. Most of the time they are rude. I ran a speed test for 30 days straight and I connected at dial up speed the entire 30 days even though I pay for the 85.00 high speed package. I would be pressed to come up with one single thing that wildblue does right. Absolutely the worst company I have ever come across in my entire life.




Mine is pretty much like everyone else’s here.  Though it seems they are worse than mine.  I had wb installed Feb. 5, They told me on the phone there would be a charge of 150.00 to 175.00 extra, since I live in a Mobil home, When the installer got here I asked him if he could put the dish on the same pole that the direct TV dish was on and he said no, It took him 8 hours to finally get it to connect.  It worked great that whole evening, by Saturday night I was calling as I had no connection, c.s was fine, they walked me through what I needed to do and it worked, I was watching a live stream, Gospel Broadcast Network, and I left it on went I went to bed, didn’t think about it, so by day 6 I had gone over my “download” amount, I called and told them I did not understand because I had not downloaded anything, that is when I found out that watching a video, opening email or anything you do on a computer is a download.  I went to their (wb) forum and asked about a 30 day trial period or something like that and I got some very rude answers, I want to cancel the service, but I can not afford to pay the cancellation fee,  any help I can get from anyone would be greatly appreciated.




13 months of horrible, expensive service and I chose to cancel my account.  And in the end they still charged $124.30 to walk away from my contract.  This company is terrible and I regret ever being duped by their false claims.




I live in a rural area in northern New Mexico where high speed DSL is still not available. Recently, I noticed my internet connection speed was super slow, despite paying $70.00/month for the Select (middle) pacakge. I checked the speed several times and my connection was at 150Kbps. So, when I called my local ISP, I was told I had reached my limit and would be cut off until the following month! They said the only solution was to move up to the Premium package of $80.00/month. Now my connection speeds are 500Kbps on a good day. I called last week to complain, got put on hold for more than 10 minutes and no one ever came back. So, I called the Wild Blue main number and that was no better. I was told I had to install some Pulse diagnostic software. I clicked on the Firefox workaround, which did not work, so, I had to install Internet Explorer to install the software. I installed IE and could still not get the software installed, so, I gave up. I just called my local ISP provider  again to complain, got switched immediately to voice mail and no one has called me back. I just found out that fixed wireless is now available in lmy area from an independent provider and I’m going to switch asap. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of paying the premium monthly payment on a quarterly basis, so, I’m paid up through the end of March. I don’t think getting a refund will be easy…




I tell everyone I know DO NOT BUY WILD BLUE INTERNET SERVICE. I have had problems from the first week they installed. was told when we have bad weather that the service will go out. So figured I had to live with it. that was a year ago dec. Now when I call to complain ( i have mine thru Dish Network ) they tell me I need a service call because bad weather should not knock it out ( ya right ) and they will charge me for the service call to fix THEIR EQIPMENT! I told them I will be pro rating my bill for every day I do not have service, Dont like ,, shut me off,, that would be doing me a favor. I can not believe it is legal to charge for a service they do not render. I did point blank ask why they do not tell u before u sign the contract that their service is very bad when there are clouds in the sky. I was never givin an answer. My contracts up in May this year and by then I expect to tell the world how bad their service is and I intend to let DIsh Network know also. As they will both be losing me as a customer.




My complaint with Wild Blue pretty much parallels the complaints already posted. We called for service and were sent the components and told an installer would be at our house on December 5th. On December 3rd the installer called and asked if he could come on the 4th. We agreed and stayed home all day waiting for him to appear.He didn’t come and didn’t call. The following morning we received a call informing us he couldn’t come that morning because his truck wasn’t running. They didn’t try to reschedule.

I then called and cancelled the service and told them since they had not fulfilled the contract I would not pay the $50 restocking fee. They said they did not want me to cancel and would have a manager call. No one ever called. When I checked my credit card statement I found I had been charged the fee. I then called and asked to speak to a supervisor. He told me the $50 would be refunded to my credit card in 14 business days. He also lectured me on not letting the installer come later and that I was depriving him (the installer) of making his living.

They also tried to tell me they have no ties to the installers, because they are independent contractors. Wild Blue contacts them to do the installations. As far as I am concerned they are the agents of Wild Blue.

Their offer of free installation is a scam. We had tried Hughes Net and when their installer showed up anything and everything he had to do to install the system had a fee attached. We told him to leave when he complained that our house had an overhang on the roof.

I am going to file a complaint on this company with my States Attorney’s Consumer Complaint Division, and dispute the charges on my credit card.




Dishnetwork is falsly advertising claims of Wildblues upload and download service. I have been totally dissatisfied with this service. I want out of this contract.

I am tired of talking to people in Virginia that don’t have a CLUE.

I could go on and on about Wildblue. Lets get the word out..wildblue is HORRIBLE. I want my money back.

Is Hughes satellite any better




I need a corporate address to register a nasty complaint – anyone got that infor



Z. & M.:

I won’t go on about how terrible WildBlue’s service is because you may already know this, or may know someone who has made the mistake of using them as an internet service provider. I will however, let anyone who currently has them or is thinking of using them, know something else they will provide for you besides crappy service: After you finally get out of the horrible contract and terrible service by paying their “cancellation” fee, they will tell you to ship back the components (all except for the dish), but they actually will bill you for the nuts, bolts, and various small items that they don’t ask you to ship back (and you can get at a local hardware store for 75 cents). They, without any warning, will send you to collections for not “providing them with all of the parts after cancellation.” Just another of the many reasons to NEVER consider using this company!!!!!! And to top it all off, we payed an ASTRONOMICAL amount for really crappy, constantly interrupted service.




I have about the same crap stories that I have read already with the pole mount, the fee when you send the equipment back the whole nine yards. This is my concern. For the first month it ran great and I didn’t have a complaint at all. The next month we had a few storms come through that lasted about a week and we could not get online at all. If we did get online it would kick us off after about 5 mins. I called them and they said it was due to the storms. This is understandable being your traveling into space to get the signal right. The third month especially the first half of the month it ran better than it did the first month. But A guy shows up out of the blue one day saying he noticed some signal issues with our satellite and I tell him that there hasn’t been a problem in awhile now. He insists to go check it to make sure its in line and no obstructions in the way. So I said ok what could it hurt right. This is the fourth month I have had wildblue and since he looked at our satellite it hasn’t ran over 160k per second. Now they say they can send someone out for a house call fee. But they send a guy for no apparent reason??? Just so some of you know 160k per second is doubling the speed of dial up pretty much. Wildblue is suppose to run between 450 and 500k per second. What a joke wildblue has been and I have to deal with it until I have another internet option to go with.




I don’t know if I can add to what I have read from others, only confirm it to be the truth. This is by far the worst service I have ever had of ANY service and I mean any type of service I have ever had. The connection is worthless and their “customer service” is even worse. I was also suckered into the pole mount for an extra $150, what a scam. I have attempted to access web pages like myspace or facebook only to wonder if anything at all was happening. At this point just for a laugh I would run Speakeasy web speed checker only to find that I am downloading at 80k or so. I am on the 512k plan the “cheapest” plan they have. When I call and complain about the connection (to their don’t care about your problem service department) they recommend I upgrade to the next level and that will solve the problem. Being a fairly logical person, I ask the question…if it don’t deliver rated speed on the plan I am on, why would it magically start working better if I started paying more per month? I have called them on this a number of times and have gotten a different answer each time, just amazing what a complete scam operation this company is. I truely can’t believe they are still in operation. This is by far the worst internet service I have every had, dial up is cheaper and more reliable. I tell everyone I can…….don’t get wildblue. I am only four months into my contract and am seriously considering cancelling it and paying whatever it takes to end this nightmare.




I wish I had seen this before ordering Wildblue. Now I am obligated to stay with this company for 2 years. If anyone knows a legal way to get out of this contract please share this info!
How can they bill me for service that I am not getting? I would LOVE to go to court with these people; what they are doing is so blatantly wrong and they are very arrogant about it. Perhaps because they know there is nothing we can do about it. Even though I am not even at half my bandwidth allowance, it is sooooo slow; if it connects at all. Unbelievable! If you are reading this and thinking about getting wildblue service… DONT! I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL REGRET IT!



I ordered wildblue on 11/24/09. still hadnt seen an installer by 12/18/09. sent the equipment back. spent days trying to get ahold of someone on the phone. finally did, got told they were gonna keep half my payment for ‘restocking’ fee. I asked why i should be penalized for thier installer nvr showing up, was told corporate headquarters would get ahold of me. it is now the day after xmas, no internet, the equipment has been back for a day, no real person phone call, and no refund whatsoever.and to top it off, when i try to call thier office, i get this’ we operate mon thru fri on MST?!?! worst customer support ive ever dealt with with any company ever! including Saitek!(long horrible story there too!)to top it off, the installer showed up the day i sent the equip back, no call or warning, and went into the whole im gonna need to put a pole in the ground that costs 150 dollars, wheni have a 4 inch sched 40 pole in the ground for my old big sat dish. (16 feet in the air with no guide wires, steady as a rock!) i tell him ive already sent the equipment back, and his response is this ‘ Im sorry to hear that, wildblue is the best internet service available at this time, but the company that subcontracts out thier installing, has been sending work orders to companys over a hundred miles away from our area, in another state no less.  so, it appears to me that wildblue has a cpl of good salesmen, to take your call and card number, but when the time comes for service, repair or refund, theres no one available to take your call. Im quessing ill have to just write off the 100 bucks, and learn from my mistake that wildblue is not, nor will it ever be the internet company for me. ill just stick to my 15 dollar a month, 26.4 conn speed dialup internet that works, and has a real person to answer the phone, instead of some computer voice asking me if i want it in spanish.



I have had my own horror story. First of all, we all need to get ahold of attorney and file a class action lawsuit against WildBlue and all of its affiliates. I went online and signed up for WildBlue. I gave them my debit card number and they took the money out of my account. I never received a confirmation email so when I seen that the money was taken out of my account, I waited a few days to see if I would hear from them. I never heard anything, so I called them. I told them what had happened and they said I would need to call the installers. Now what kind of customer service is that? I have to call the installers myself? So I called the number and the installers proceeded to tell me that I would have to pay an extra $150 because they would have to do a pole install. Now why wasn’t this represented on their website? I filled out what type of dwelling unit I lived in, whether it had a foundation or not, and what type of roof I had, yet there was nothing on the website stating that there would be an extra charge if a pole install had to be done. Had I known that I wouldn’t have put the transaction through. So I told them I could not afford the extra fee and requested that they cancel the order. Then I got in an argument with them because they said that I would have to pay a $49.95 restocking fee. It argued with them over that and told them NO WAY! They should’ve had that info. on their website. So they said they would put it in the computer but they could not guarantee anything. I said ok, and I waited a few days and still did not receive a refund. So I called them again, this time they tell me it will take 30-45 days to process the refund. To make a long story short, I told them off again and I was fuming by now. During this time, I kept receiving harassing phone calls that I needed to return their equipment. I had already traveled 120 Miles to home ()because I was at my dad ‘s house taking care of Estate matters, and taken their flippen equipment to a UPS drop off store and put their prepaid postage on it and returned it. So I had to call them once again and tell them to quit calling me, that I had already returned the equipment. The calls stopped after that. I have since called them two more times demanding a refund, and never received one. On top of that, they sent me a bill for $300 saying I never returned their equipment. Even though the last customer service rep. informed me that they had received the equipment back. So after I received the bill from them, I wrote a letter to their corporate office in Colorado. That was over a month ago. Although I have not received another bill from them, I have not received a refund either. I have threatened them with legal action, it has done no good. We cannot allow them to take advantage of people anymore. Also, their affiliate Bridgevine, who was the installer for Montana, has a class action lawsuit pending against them. I believe it is in the same state as this, people are trying to get one going, but have not accomplished it yet. COME ON PEOPLE, HELP US GET OUR MONEY BACK!! I have had it with corporate people like this. They take advantage of people and steal money. I am a single parent and can’t afford to just give someone $100, or $99.95 to be exact. If we owed them money and couldn’t afford to pay them, it would be turned over to collection, we would receive harassing phone calls until the  bill was paid, and it would screw up our credit. Why shouldn’t we turn the tables and let them see what it feels like to owe someone money. It does no good to call their customer reps. I have been doing that since September. It is almost January now, I want my money back.


1.  No possible way to pay EVEN more and eliminate download/upload limit.

2.  Customer service is absolutely HORRIBLE and I’m getting a consistent “I don’t know” and “No”….

3.  No other option for me, which is why they have my business in the first place…


S. & C.:

We too are living in regret now with our choice of wild blue as our provider. The only thing I ever had before wb was dial-up, and I got tired of it. So, as a birthday gift, my boyfriend got me wb (doesn’t even deserve to be capitalized, let alone spelled out)! We talked about it, and I found the cheapest satellite internet I could, and we went with it. Which is still outrageous to me! Living out in the boonies, unfortunately we do not have DSL, or any kind of cable internet available to us yet. So, it’s either dial-up or satellite. Well, I got an email from wb last night saying something about fair access policy. I read into it, only to discover that you only get a certain amount of usage out of the 100%? I thought it reset each month, because it was at 92%, and I check it every few weeks, and told my boyfriend that it never reset, and that I did not know what would happen if it reached 100%. So, I called wb, and they informed me, that it doesn’t reset, and said something about it going back to 70% at some point. Is this what we pay $65.00/mo for? Only getting 30% of what appears to be 100% max usage? They never mention that you better stretch it out over a 24 month period, do they? And not to mention, when it rains, we have no connection, even with the slightest drizzle! And all of the other times they have issues with the main source, we do not have a connection here. The wind was blowing one day, and even made us lose the connection. Pretty sad. And it is not much better than dial-up. In fact dial-up is the only guaranteed connection between the two. I really wish we could be paying 3/4 less that this crap for dsl or cable internet that I am sure would be 100x’s faster! My cousin three miles down the road has it, and an older computer but doesn’t even have to wait for anything to load. So, we are like 8 months into this contract, and it’s bull. Do not do it, stick with your dial up, or anything else before you go with wb.



I have had Wildblue since March 2006. Wildblue is NOT what it is billed to be. It is being over sold to customers creating numerous problems, a money hungry company. Several local sellers of Wildblue have stopped selling it because of the bad service. The modem has to be reset numerous times a day. The TRIA has to be replaced at least once a year. I am on the Laredo Gateway. Having Wildblue is nothing but a NIGHTMARE. Dail-up using 56K is faster, trust me. The only advantage to Wildblue over dial-up is the faster download once it starts. But surfing the Internet, shopping on E-bay, & etc. is a NIGHTMARE with Wildblue. Long lag times in speed & pages loading. Hopefully I will be getting RID of Wildlbue shortly, which will not come quick enough.

It’s the same problem again. The Wildblue TRIA is out again. Wildblue talked me into a Service Policy Plan they have for $120.00 extra, said this would be a help, WHAT A RIP OFF!. Gave me a ticket order number & a work order # & the service tech Phone # to call & Wildblue would inform them also to arrive at house to fix the problem. BIG MISTAKE! Two days ago I called the tech # & the person advised me they stopped installing Wildblue years ago because of bad service & equipment, to many complains on Wildblue. AND Wildblue is still giving this # out for service work knowing these people stopped installing WILDBLUE years ago.

It has been 3 days that Wildblue has been down, no internet at $79 plus tax a month. I have talked to 5 or 6 different people each time I call on the phone at Wildlbue. SAME OLD STORY, looking for a tech that will take the service call. STAY AWAY FROM WILDBLUE…it is a NIGHTMARE. THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED AGAIN!


We just moved out in the country and we cannot get cable were we moved .We use to have comcast the hole 3 phone ,cable ,internet .But we called comcast before we moved they told use it was like 1 from where we lived .And we had to get the dish  satilite and wild blue it really suxs .If it rains it goes out and if anyone has there lap top on it  want  work SO I  REALLY HATE IT.


I haven’i even had wild Blue a whole month yet and my whole family hates it. 1st of all, they failed to tell me it was not unlimited internet. I didn’t even know there was internet that wasn’t unlimited. I was told that since my husband was in the Army and we move around a lot Wild Blue would be perfect for us because we would never have to look for and pay to get internet hooked up again and that they would always come do it for free. I was also told it was very fast and I would never loose connection. we ALWAYS loose connection. Its super slow, and apparently we have the value package even though when asked what it would be mainly used for I told them my children playing Wow ( an online game) and we went over our usage wg=hich I didnt know anything about in the 1st place and our internet got shut off. I cant use my e-mail. They have tried to help me set it up and even the technicians said there was nothing they could do that their was something wrong beyond their capibilities of helping. That means I can not see my bill (since they told me they will not mail one b/c they only do paperless, and I can not check my usage.) I asked them how I could get out of my lease and they said well you have a 2 year lease and to break it, it costs 15 a day x 24 so that would be $360 I already paid $299 plus another $100 for a pole mount. The installer was going to charge even more if he had to get under the house or if he had to put it anywhere other then right on the other side of the wall where the computer would be. I don’t know, I am very unhappy with them. I would not refer them to anyone. I would like info on getting out of this lease if anyone has any. My husband was so mad the other day he called and comcast is coming tomorrow morning to hook up cable internet. I dont really want to pay for internet I’m not using but they suck so bad we had no other option but ordering internet through someone else.


I was a Wild Blue user. (I have a seasonal residence and when I wanted to restart my service they informed that since  I had suspended for more than six months I would need to buy a new modem and start a new plan which obligated me to pay every month for two years( I would loose the ability to suspend).  I told them i would check out my options.  I ended up installing Hughes Net which has been very good.  Installer was prompt and professional.  He did mention that he used to represent Wild Blue as well but stopped because of the problems with their equipment. I use the service for business and upgraded to 79.95 per month package.  I have had no dropped service issues at all and am getting great speeds.  I also like their polcies much better for example on suspending service and FAP.


Wild blue is awful.  I am fapped from a one day spike and now must use dial up which actually isn’t all that bad compared to Wildblue for email.  How absurd to slow you down to the point that it is unusable and still charge you full price.  What monopolistic practice and how could they be permitted to do this without any regulation.  I am done being a sucker.  The only thing corporations truly understand is no money coming in.  I survived with dial up before…..I hate it…it is awful that rural America has no options except this overpriced garbage but that is the nature of our corporatocracy–we just aren’t sufficient in numbers to justify the infrastructure.  Screw ‘em.



Wildblue wasn’t bad when I first got it. But it went downhill as it got oversold. I couldn’t stay connected long enough to even complete an email. I am a computer tech with 30 years experience, I own a computer store. But wildblue always blamed my computers or routers or the weather. I paid for a service call(no problem found) and spent hours doing useless stuff on the phone with them.  I waited a second time for there so called tech to come back all day and he never showed. So I switched to verizon wireless mifi. It works great even when I travel and is at least 5 times faster. 5GB limit is tough but it will have to do.

When I disconnected wildblue offered to replace my equipment for free if I would sign a new contract. When I said no thanks they told me to destroy MY old equipment because if anyone connected with it they would charge my CLOSED account. What kind of sleeze ball company threatens you like that.

I would recommend anything but wildblue. It would have to be free and even then it wouldn’t be worth it.



1) limited bandwidth.  you never get the speed you pay for.
2) buying stuf on line is interrupted, often you don’t know if what you bought or what you paid for.


Wild Blue Sucks!!  I was suckered in by there faster than fast advertising and by the advice of one of the people selling the over priced slow internet service.  I then found out about the lag time, as it was called, the time to send the signal to a satellite and back to earth.  They could have told me that before I spent $300.00 on equipment, and $50.00 per month on internet service.  Double what I was paying for internet and certainly not any faster.  I have spend hours on the phone with the Wild Blue people, only to be told I am within the normal range of what should be expected for wild blue.  I can however go up to a more expensive package and get faster service.  I refuse to give them any more money than I already am, only to be lied to again.  Also, they told me that this service was not intended to watch movies, such as Netflix, etc.  If anyone is taking the time to read this, do yourself a big favor and check into any other type of service you can find.  Wild Blue Sucks!!


Wildblue is one of the biggest scams out there. The details of my experience are long, so I’ll spare you most of it. After 15 months of an 18 month contract, I violated the FAP on upload, not download (I honestly didn’t know there was a FAP, and if I had, would never have signed up). I was furious and after spending about 6 hours on the phone with customer support, including getting hung up on 5 times when I requested a supervisor, was told that it was impossible to speed my connection back up before the end of the month, and even if it were possible they wouldn’t do it (in reality, it’s a matter of unchecking a box). I told them I was through, I was cancelling right then and as I got wildblue through dishnetwork, if I had to pay a termination fee I would cancel dishnetwork too. They didn’t care, so I cancelled and paid the fee. I then called Dishnetwork and was transfered to their retention folks. I was no longer under contract with dishnetwork, and after explaining the situation to them, they credited my account the termination fee, the final months service fee, and gave me the full sports package free for a year. I didn’t have a dishnetwork bill for 4 months because of this. So, wildblue sucks, but if you subscribe to them through dishnetwork and want to quit, dishnetwork will take care of you. I now use a wireless (not wifi) internet connection. I pay about the same as I did for wildblue, for 2 down 1 up, and the beautiful part is unlike wildblue where I regularly got slower speed than I pay for, with my wireless ISP I regularly get 3 down and 2 up. My advise to everyone in rural areas, check and see if anyone offeres wireless internet. Stay away from any satellite internet provider, especially wildblue.



I am unemployed and when I go to fill out applictions on-line it takes 3 to 4 hours just to fill the appliction because I get logged off. Now I call there customer service and they tell me it is my fault. But when I test my connection I am fine. Now I am a Network Engineer CERT Microsoft Systems Engineer. Then they say I am over my usage what is that crap. How can that happen when all I do is check my E-mails and fill out job applications. Now to top it off your stuck in a contract with them.



Like many others, I am horribly dissatisfied with WildBlue. We, unfortunately, live in a rural area so our choices are satellite or dial-up.  I had Earthlink dial-up for the first year we lived here but then decided to try out WildBlue.  What a joke.  We too are paying nearly $80 per month, and I have maybe 2-3 days per month where the speeds seem faster than dial-up.  If we have so much as a cloud anywhere on the horizon, we lose our signal and have to wait forever to regain anything.  I have finally just given up on calling customer support.  I call, and it’s the same story every time.  It can’t possibly be a WildBlue issue – it must be my computer – so let’s start messing with the settings! We have learned to live with our crap service, but I get very fired up at times when I realize how much money I am paying for this.  My daughter lives about 2.5 miles from me, as the crow flies, and she has DSL, phone, and satellite for her TV for less than we pay for the pleasure of WildBlue…something just ain’t right here…


Wild Blue itself is one waste of money. I spent hundreds of dollars trying to connect online, but always so SLOW. It would take one hour just to read my email!!! Mobile Devices like my son’s games freeze up and stop just connecting online to it. We’ve tried other places and  they work just fine. Never with wild blue. WE are not paying more money to replace fraud equipment and have our bill doubled for no reason!


I work for a company that did installs for Wildblue……Let me tell you….People hated it!!  Every day I had people calling me about how much they hated their service and hated us for selling it to them and installing it in their homes.  Let me tell you I am glad to say we are not doing work for WildBlue and I don’t miss the phone calls one bit!!!!! People beware…..DON’T DO IT!!


I was an installer for Wildblue for a couple of years. I had to carry at least 5 TRIA’s on the truck along with at least 4 Modems. When the TRIA’s first come out they seemed to last a long time.When the new Wildblue satellite went up they had to change polorazation. It seems that is when things went downhill. I was always going on service calls which resulted in a TRIA replacement. What I was upset about was that the customer was being charged for a part that seemed to fail on a regular basis. Then Wildblue decided that the price that they paid us for a servicecall was going to be decreased. Sometimes I traveled 100 miles to replace a part and I didn’t get enough to pay for the gasoline that I used. On top of that they wanted us to spend at lest 6 hours installing a system and at least 2 hours on a service call. I could not make any money doing that.

If you read all of the positive reviews thay are from Wildblue. I did not have one customer that liked it. Wildblue does not work. The most important thing is sales not service or realibility. I have spent 6 hours on my cell phone to fix a problem to find out it was a Wildblue problem not the customers equipment.



Awful support. Definitely do not recommend! Horror stories. Brutal tech support. I think they sit around and laugh at us and don’t care about customer satisfaction.


Comments: I live on a farm in Central Texas (between Abilene and San Angelo.) I’ve had WildBlue for 3 years and I have their premium service. I pay $85 per month and I can state that the service runs (on my Macintosh) nearly as slow as my previous dial-up connection. It runs a tad faster on my VAIO laptop, despite I run the laptop in a wireless configuration and the Mac is hardwired Cat-5 into my router.

If you have a Mac, you’ll be exceedingly disappointed in WildBlue. And for $85 per month (you have to factor in the tax in this bill) you’ll wonder why your friends living in a city get blistering speeds for $30-45 per month and yet rural folks are getting soaked (as I am) though WildBlue.

They do not allow contacting the for trouble-shooting via e-mail. You have to call. Trouble with this is, WildBlue management doesn’t understand many of us “rural folk” no longer have wired phone and we use cell phones. Calling WildBlue by phone, you are placed on “hold” for really long times and this eats up my cell phone minutes. In essence, there is NO customer support.

As soon as a competitor hits the market, I’ll bid WildBlue farewell.


B.P. :

I am writing this to say thank you, Thank you for keeping me from making a horrible mistake.

Lets start from the beginning:

Three weeks ago our Hughesnet satelite was once again taken out during a lightning storm. This was the third time in less then two years. After Hughes wanting us to sign yet ANOTHER contract for a new modem I started to wonder….

I went out and looked, and sure enough the satelite was NOT grounded, and surely would have been taken out yet again even after a new modem.

So, we left Hughesnet, and looked into WildBlue. (FIRST mistake).

We got online, and went to their website after receiving a postal advertisment, and did a little reading up on them, and decided to give them a try (SECOND mistake).

Well, we called WildBlue, and talked to a really nice guy who took us through the contract, through what he called the setup process, and what would happen. He assured us that we would NOT be charged ANYTHING until our system was hooked up, and within a few days to a week, we would be back on high speed internet.

Well, after three days a huge box was delivered from WB using the UPS delivery company, and we thaught, WOW!! thats fast, now what?

So..here is where the nightmare begins…..

First off, they delivered the satelite next door, and we went to get it and brought it home. Then we called WB and asked them when it would be installed, they told us to expect a call from the installer the same day. WOW!!! what great service (or so we thought).

The same day as the call we waited all day long at home, with no call from the installer. NOTHING!!! an entire day waisted. We figured..oh well, maybe tomorrow (THIRD mistake).

The following day we called WildBlue, and asked them when to expect the installer to call, and we were given the installers phone number, and told to call him ourselves. WOW!! this was NOT good service already, but we figured..okay, we can do this.
We called the installers phone number only to get a recording, so we left a message. TWICE during that day.

The very next morning I awoke and dialed the installers phone number very first thing (about 9am) and again, got a “leave a message” recording. So, I left yet another message.

Now, by this time I was starting to wonder about WildBlue, and went to the internet, and did a search on “WildBlue Horror Stories” and found this website, and others with hundreds, if not thousands of horror stories, and went further to look up WHY there were so many problems.

I called our banking institution and low and behold, WildBlue had taken out $99.95 from my account, PRIOR to the unit being installed, DIRECTLY contradicting what we were told by the sales rep at WildBlue. Much less to say by this time I was horrified about what we were about to get into.

Two days later~ We get a phone call from the installer, This is what I was told, this is NOT a direct quote, but pretty close to it. ” Ya know man, I am really busy right now, is this JUST a satelite install, or do you like have the television and other stuff too”?  I told him, No, this is just a satelite. he said…

” Well, ya know, I would do it by this weekend, but I got like all kinds of private stuff to do, maybe I can find some time to install your satelite next weekend. But, thats not a sure thing, because I have been trying to get some help, these damb satelites take up so much of my time”.

I thought, good lord, this guy acts like its a pain in his butt to do his job, and then I GOT MAD!!!

So, I went to my bank, had the debit transaction for WildBlue canceled, and called WB to tell them to pick up their damb satelite, and that we had enough.

We were told there was a $50.00 restocking fee, and I told them to go strait to heck, and that they could DREAM about getting any money from this. They lied to me about not taking ANY money until AFTER the install was complete, they LIED about when it would be hooked up, the installer was not available, and I was NOT about to be taken by WildBlue at all!!! period!

Much less to say, I had to have my debit card canceled to prevent them from taking any monies for this, and had to drop their satelite off at a ups drop station, but…thank God, we are not under contract.

Since then I have re-read their terms of use, and WOW!! they are worse the Hughesnet, if you go over their allowed bandwidth it appears they cut you off for the rest of the month, not just a day like Hughes.

WARNING~ Stay away from HUGHES…stay AWAY from WildBlue..dialup may be slower, and I may get “sniped” on eBay, but dang, thats better then what I have personially expierenced from both these companies.

Oh, and just a quick note: Hughesnet sent us a bill for time remaining, even though the modem was THEIRS, and we were not able to get online, and they did not ground the satelite..did they get their money? heck no!!! LOL.

Thank you for letting me vent, and hopefully, hopefully someone else can be prevented from getting hooked on WB.




WildBlue service lived up to the 1mb service I purchased but only at 4:00 AM. In the evening it was down to around 250k. After two evening on the phone with support I got no where. I started doing my own speed tests using Toast and accumulated quite a few screen shots showing the difference using different computers (XP, Ubuntu, OS/X) using multiple browsers (IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome) at the various times of day. After I accumulated quite a few so that there was no disputing their service does not perform well in the evenings (Suggesting they over sold their capabilities) I then filed a complaint with the State of Tennessee. To make a long story short, WildBlue terminated my contract and refunded me my initial $326 set-up.




Wish I would have found this a week a go had installed last thursday disconnected on monday wow 700.00 later dial up is faster.



Had it for a few years now.  Got ripped on install, billed my cc for over $500, all my problems were on my end according to techs, but they weren’t, just had equipment problem and they told me $196 for service call or $116 if I extended for a year.

Found out they extended my service two years not one, so cancelled credit card and am switching to Hughes.  My credit is good enough to take a ding from them, Am Exp was real helpful.



well i have had wildblue for two years and im ready to shoot some one it sucks. they cut u back if you use to much. it never works . i hate it  im sending it back . soon as i get the box.ill go back to dail up there not getting any more of my money.



WildBlue is a joke!!! 512kb/s my ass!!! most i have ever seen is 70kb/s… 30kb/s is typical on a clear day. Surfing the web is very slow(dial-up slow) due to a delay when retrieving pages. If the speeds were closer to what they are supposed to be the upload/download limit(also a joke) would be a huge problem (only a medium problem now, we have maxed it out many times). No use contacting company they say the ridiculously slow speeds are normal. … Would not recommend, can’t wait until the contract is up.



You are right. Wild Blue sucks! I certainly hope they are not going to get any Federal money for expanding the internet into rural areas. I say their CEO on TV talking about it. I for one plan on writting my congressman to let him know they are not worth a penney. I pay almost $100/month and service is slower than dial-up. Hughes net is the same. I was never advised of the FAP and get hit all the time. In fact I bet this won’t even go through.



Worst of the worst.  Would never suggest Wildblue to anyone.  Service lousy, Customer Service lousy.  Canceled service and was still charged for next month.  Took over a month to get refund and then they didn’t give me full amount.  Too many calls!



I agree, WildBlue sucks and their customer service reps have no power to deal with unsatisified customers. When I first got their service it worked pretty good, but after a month or two it was downhill from there with slower than shit connections. I called them, they sent out service techs and it was never fixed. All the service reps do is refer back to the contract. I cancelled my service 2 months ago and they just now charged my account early termination fees without EVER sending me notification they were going to deduct the money from my account, so now I am overdrawn..I lived up to my end of the deal paying monthly for their shitty service until I could run my mail to people on foot faster than I could connect to a website on their shitty service. LOL. So now I guess I will begin the journey of contacting every website, BBB, Attorney General, my Govenor, Consumer Affairs and the local TV station to complain about their crappy business practices. I just feel, contract or no contract, if we, as consumers, are not happy with a service that does not live up to their claims of providing good service we should not have to pay for it or their rip-off early termination fees. Now I know why these companies have early termination fees, it is becuz their service is shitty and they know they can rip the public off when they cancel their shitty services.What a rip-off. We need to start a class-action suit. Anyone know how to do it? I am game…



I signed up with WB on January 30th, 2009. On February 2nd, 2009, I was told that I had reached my bandwidth and my connection speed would be cut in half. I have only one computer in the house connected to the Internet, which has a download speed of 58 whole kbps, but somehow I managed to go through my bandwidth in two days. I spend most of my time now on the phone with the idiots at WB; who know less about computers and networks than my five year old nephew. A supervisor, (LaQuieesha, no shit, her real name is LaQuieesha) told me that I am only entitled to one megabyte downloads every thirty days. I actually have twelve and a half gigabytes per thirty days and apparently go through that just checking my email.

This morning I was told by some skank at WB that I would not be getting a refund of any kind and that if I cancelled my contract I would have to pay $385.00 early termination fees. I have fulfilled my end of the contract by paying my bill, but WB has not given me any type of service for my $79.00 a month. I am a Computer Networking major at TCU and decided today to create a web site about how shitty WB is, so that others are not tricked into signing a contract with the sorry excuse of an ISP, and to my amazement one already exists.

I can’t wait to show this site to everyone I meet.



In the 2 weeks i have had Wildblue, I have found it to be one of the worst services EVER! I hate it, hate it, hate it. I COULD COMMUNICATE BETTER WITH SMOKE SIGNALS. I signed up for the Value package with a 2 YEAR commitment, and I am trying everything in my power to have it canceled without the $315 dollar termination fee. It is so slow, slower than my dial-up. I wish I had found all this info before I signed the contract. I wonder if a class action law-suit is a possibility. I am so pissed-off (after spending close to 3 hours on the phone over the last couple of days) that I can’t even do this anymore right now. I’ll be back.



I just came across this site by accident but I am glad to see other people hate wildblue as much as I did. I signed up with wildblue before they had even launched their first satellite and was told I would be one of their first to use them via their test program. But when that time came they said oh we decided only to use people that live near our home office and you will have to wait until we can get a co op near you to come and install it. So after blasting the sales person on the phone they gave me the name and number of the co op near me and when I called it I was told they was not going to install any as they could not get the equipment because they had recalled it for it was already bad. So I was about to give up when a Friend of mine had started to install wildblue and I would be the first one as soon as the equipment came in. He installed it the next week and because he was my friend I help him install it I didn’t have to pay for the install only the crappy equipment. I have to say when I first got it it worked ok because they did not have very many customers on it at that time. The FAP at that time was a true 30 day not that 30 day rolling crap that works out to 60 days. At the 6 month mark they sent a installer from some where else to change out the tria on the dish as it was recalled for some reason. After that it was alright until the 13 month when the tria that they replaced burned out and I was told my equipment was out of warranty and They didn’t give a crap if I fixed or not. So like a dummy I had my friend come out and put a new one on which cost $150.00 and he told me that he had to go replace everyone of the ones they had replaced under their recall. Then came the rolling 30 day crap which really means 60 days. Also they only allow you 70% before they say we are going to FAP you so if you have the pro pak which states you can use 17000mb per 30 days,but you are only allowed 70% which is 12000mb so if you divide that by 30 days that is only 400mb per day and with wildblue they monitor 24 hours with no free time. And if you surf alot and maybe down load a few updates and one you tube video you will use more than 400mb a day. any who I decided to terminate the service as my contract was up and they had sold so many units that the service was becoming shitty and I could not upload a simple picture to the web anymore and when I called customer service and waited for an hour to talk to any body they would always be ass wipes with the we are never wrong and you are just mad because you missed up and we don’t care. They was actually glad that I canceled the service as I complained to much and then it took two months to get my extra month refund back after we called them several times about it.Oh by the way my friend stop selling it because they would want him to do more with no extra pay for his time or any extra for any extra cable or pipes he had to use, they would say you will just have to get it from the customer your self. Wildblue is just a big old company that don’t care about customer service and they thing people will take their crap because they may not have cable or dsl near them. I am not a salesman for Starband but It is soooo much better then Wildblue. I hope somebody is able to take wildblue for some of their money through a good old law suit as they deserve it bad.



well right now since day one we had issues with wild blue failing to have the brokers inform customers of the fap and as well not informing the customer that the optimizer that they install has a piggy back that allows trojans to enter customers computers during initial set up which causes the throttling and the bandwidth to jump however escalations denies this im a pc technician and have software which stops this from happening however had to replace my mb because of it it killed the slave port on my primary ide but still wb denies that it exists unfortunately upgraded to pro just to get decent bw and used my optimizer to up the com speed but still lose service on beam 28 syracuse alot only did i get an answer after i reported them to bbb and now i am seeing normal bw usage on my meter but yes cable and dsl and dial up is far better than this sincerely frustrated at this if ane 1 one is filing a lawsuit sign me up this is false advertisement  (promising High speed but throttling it without notice when you call to set up service through a broker)( Bait and Switch ane1?)


AHHHH! I want to shoot myself! I cannot believe it is this bad! Thank you for the opportunity to scream! At least I am not imagining how bad Wildblue is…



We have had Wildblue since May of 2008 (no other internet available).  It took two months just to get on-line, and have had nothing but problems since.  30 minute phone calls to Technical Service.  Transfers…you get it!  I just don’t understand how a company like this is still in business!  Can they really be this inept?  Come on!!!



Hopefully some lawyer will jump on this pharce of and internet service.  Wildblue is the worst service by far.  Connections are slower than dail ups.  We started out with there 55 dollar a month service than started getting emails about our usuage.  So we kept upgrading the service now it 90 a month.  Our service is so slow I can go out for coffee and be back before the web sites are found.  They told us many excuses even try blaming our computers, so we went out and bought the latest laptops available guess what our speed got slower.  When our contract is up I’m going back to dail-up for faster speed.



Wild Blue sucks.  Satellite is my only high speed option, as DSL is not available in my area.  Could you please reply to my e-mail address above and tell me a better satellite ISP?



Wildblue – bane of my existance.  I got two accounts with these clowns for use in a summer camp.  We used the service for 3 months a year, paid for it year round.  Yet they still hit us with the “FAP” after just a couple of weeks.  Slowest service ever.  Now, after having my accounts on voluntary suspension since September, they are sending my account to collection for not paying for my service since I suspended the account.  I am done.  No more Wildblue, no more headaches.  I don’t care if I have to go back to dial up, at least it delivers what it promises.  The worst is customer service though, so arrogant, so unable to admit they made an error, and completely incapable of saying anything off script, like “refund”.
Avoid these clowns like the plague.


J.D. :

I filed a complaint on them with the better business today. Perhaps you should do the same.


J. :

I’m soooo happy that contract is up with Wildblue. After suffering through years of dial-up I thot I would give them a try – mainly because cable wasn’t avail in my area. After paying way too much money to have the equipment installed — connection was almost as slow as dial-up. I went TWO months with no service, called WB and it took a month to send someone out. They sent the same person who installed the service and he admitted he didn’t hook it up correctly – the dish was loose and wasn’t positioned correctly. After he left, I called WB to report what he had told me – ofcourse he didn’t put it in his notes, so they offered me a refund of one month. I had to call them back 3 or 4 times to get the refund pushed through. FINALLY high speed internet is offered in my are through my phone company – I called WB to cancel the service and was told I had to call the day of the disconnect – my new service will be installed Monday, so I need to call Sunday. Last night a WB tech called to say he’ll be in my area and noticed that I wasn’t getting a great connection and offered to come out for FREE and fix the problem. I told him not to bother – gee, I wonder if my recent call to disconnect triggered them to contact me now that my 1 year contract is up???? Can’t wait to stop paying almost $50 a month for a crappy connection!!


D.J. :

How True! I’ve been a customer for a few months and have had a few experiences that sucked!! Day one the installer wouldn’t place the connection in the room my computer was located, forcing me to buy a d-link wireless router. (another 50+bucks) Then telling me my computer was the problem.

It was new and never had been on the internet. We were told that this, even at the econo cost was going to be better then the dial up. What crap that was. The salesman did everything in his power to keep me hooked. Even promised me hard wiring to my computer anywhere in my house – no extra charge. The installer shows up and it’s a different story. I was in a great need for good service – Business run at home – so I got suckered into this
service. What did I get? Problems form day one with no solutions and continued run arounds. I tried to cancel the contract but they always come up with a patchwork solution to my problems. I would never recommend this internet connection to anyone!!!!!!


B. :

You can add me to the list of pissed off WildBlue customers. This shit is slower than dial up and costs 4 time as much. They feed you bullshit about how your browsers cache is full or maybe its your router. Bullshit I pay $55.00 a month to download at 10 kbps. To hell with WildBlue I can’t wait to cancle my contract. I definatley don’t reccomend WildBlue to anybody.


T. :

I just signed up with WildBlue and I am shocked that it can be that bad. I was not aware that the equipment was not under warranty, especially if defective out of the box or from improper installation by aiming the tria incorrectly.


J. :

during the past 51 days i have lost my connection 123 times for a total of 32.45 hours. has anyone else had the same problem????


M. :

I completely agree,i am trying to figure out a way to get out of their contract. I am only 3 months into their servise and it is the worst ISP experience I have ever had.You can’t move on the web without your bandwidth meter jumping off the scales. M.


A. :

I feel the same way. If I shot my WildBlue dish with my shot gun would you want to put it on your website?


H.B. :

I have had a problem with wildblue ever since I signed on as a customer. I have even upgraded to the pro package and the speeds still suck. I have not had the system a year yet and was wondering if you know whether small claims court is worth while to try and get my money back?


J. :

I’m glad to see I’m not alone with this opinion of WildBlue. Yes indeed they suck ass. I’m with them right now, and unfortunetly no other choice as they are the only game with anything slightly faster that dial up. It’s raining now, and everytime water gets on the LNB of the dish, the signal fades out. I solved the problem somewhat by placing a temporary cardboard housing over the LNB that is attached to the front reflector of the dish. This keeps the water off so I can have a connection for a while (I hope!).


D.W. :

Nice site. We got WB for our satelite shop office. At first, it did not work. Then they (installer contractor) tweeked it and got it to work. It was soo slow, we upgraded to the next speed. It is slower than dialup and I wait 45-1:15 for each phone call to CS and it is never resolved. Any ideas on how to terminate without the fee?


D. :

>>> High latency in the ValuePak level of service that makes web browsing slower than dial up. Even at Pro level the service gets slower every month.

>>> Email doesn’t work much especially sending. I have had to use my company email POP and SMTP servers to send and receive my email reliably. Complained repeatedly on this and after two trouble tickets being created, it was never resolved but WildBlue did close both tickets without fixing the problems or even notifying me why they closed the tickets.

>>> Newsgroup downloads have been throttled down to 20-30 KB/s even though I have the Pro package.

>>> My hardware has been defective since day one. WildBlue refuses to replace. Numerous and daily disconnects.

>>> Shortly after hardware was installed the dish went out of alignment. Wildblue sent out technician to fix under the agreement they would not charge me. They charged my credit card anyway and won’t refund.

>>> Even though I am out of contract, I have not changed service yet because of the high price to switch to HughesNet. I will soon though. Anything has to be better than WildBlue.

>>> Never, ever do business with WildBlue!!!!!


D.S. :

The equipment fails constently, but WB doesn’t care they bill regaurdless!

There were other emails received from other dissatisfied WildBlue customers but unfortunately I deleted them (sorry). If you have complaints about the poor customer experience that comes from having WildBlue as your Internet “service” provider, use the Contact Form on this site to tell us your story and we will post it here.

December 28, 2008:

I’m still with WildBlue but (hopefully) only for a little while longer. This December, just as last year, I have been without service for most of the month. I think I’ve had a connection for more than two minutes at a time for only about four days for the entire month.

I no longer call WildBlue “customer service” since they told me last time that they would come check my equipment but the service call is $100 plus any equipment charges. Like I told the “customer service” agent, I will not pay $100 plus to WildBlue or their contractors when I can spend $100 to have HughesNet installed. And that is what I may soon be doing since I am tired of paying $80 per month for occasional Internet access via the very slooooooowwww WildBlue service.

I now know that the major cause of the summer and winter service outages is due to weather here and around Syracuse. Even a little rain on either end is enough to block the satellite signals. Why a satellite Internet service provider would set up a relay center in a severe weather area (lake effect snow!) like Syracuse is a mystery to me, but WildBlue doesn’t appear to care too much about providing continuous, reliable Internet access to their customers.

They only want your money and contractually do not have to provide ANY service to you at all. So they often don’t. They suck so bad I am forced to say it is better to be accessing the Internet via dial up than to rely on four or five hours per month of satellite access.

The bottom line is if you have to have satellite to access the Internet, you may be living in the wrong place and could possibly be better off moving to some place where DSL or cable broadband access is available. Depends on your particular Internet needs but, for me, WildBlue isn’t doing it. Not by a long shot. WildBlue very well could be the absolute WORST service / product I have ever purchased in my life.


Previous post:

Here’s the latest on my WildBlue experience. After the third bad tria in four months was replaced, my connection improved. However, I have since experienced what every satellite ISP customer eventually learns: Satellite ISP service is very unsatisfactory due to the limitations of the inferior satellite technology. There is no avoiding latency problems and the same goes for weather interruptions. Simple thunderstorms or even just big rain clouds can quickly shut down the signal and put you offline for hours. Worse yet, it doesn’t even have to be bad weather in your area.

If the weather is less than desirable hundreds of miles away at your satellite ISP’s relay center but nice where you are, you can still be shut down for hours. As I write this, I have been offline for most of the day and this has been happening regularly for the past 2-3 weeks due to summer rain storms here and several states away. And of course, WildBlue makes no guarantee of access ot the service you are paying for so I am S.O.L. And you can also forget about VoIP services like Vonage or Skype over WildBlue. It doesn’t work. Only Yahoo Messenger works with WildBlue. (I suspect these problems may exist for HughesNet customers as well but I don’t know for sure.)

The bottom line is that using a satellite for Internet access is a bad deal for the most part. But if you are like me, you live in an area with no other “broadband” access choices and even bad satellite service is still faster than sub-standard dialup over third world-level telphone infrastructure such as we have here. So I am still dis-satisfied with having to use WildBlue but I really have no other option except for 45kps dialup (on a good day).

I am now trying to find the financial means to move closer to a city with cable Internet access so that I can get REAL broadband that comes in via a cable so that summer rain clouds and winter storms hundreds of miles away from my dish don’t put me out of business. WildBlue still sucks, but it’s all I have. That sucks. too!

Before you sign up with WildBlue Satellite Internet “service“, you should read my review and opinion based on my experience as a WildBlue customer. Hang on to your cash because I have some information you might find very helpful *before* you sign a 12 month contract. In my opinion based on my subscription to WildBlue Satellite Internet Service, WildBlue Satellite Internet “service” SUCKS! I don’t recommend WildBlue to anyone.

Here’s how:

Multiple server disconnections EVERY HOUR, EVERY DAY! I get multiple browser error messages per hour as the WildBlue signal suddenly disappears, leaving me temporarily without a live connection to the Net.

My experience: WildBlue is expensive to install and subscribe to and it is the most UNRELIABE ISP connection I have had in my many years online. I don’t recommend WildBlue to anyone.

I never had any dial up ISP that was worse than WildBlue as far as reliability. No, every one of my dial up ISPs were more reliable, and cheaper, than WildBlue. Yeah, 44-50 KBPS connection speed is a drag but at least I was able to stay online as long as I wanted without the frequent, multiple-time-an-hour server resets and disconnects I get every hour, of every day, with crappy WildBlue. Web browsing appears to me to be only slightly faster than dial up speeds, and frequently the web pages stop downloading completely for a minute or more. Then I have to atttempt to reload the page after getting the familiar browser server error messages.

Bottom line: I don’t recommend WildBlue to anyone!

You can learn about the general WildBlue customer experience before you sign a 12 month contract by checking out other WildBlue customer messages via the links listed below:
















Please be aware that some of those posting to the forums referenced in the links above appear to be either WildBlue employees, associated installers/contractors of WildBlue, WildBlue affiliate marketers (websites and Google Adwords), or persons whom otherwise have a financial interest in a growing WildBlue customer base. So some opinions may be biased or less than totally honest about the ongoing technical problems and poor customer service many WildBlue customers are experiencing every day.

Based on my subscription to WildBlue Satellite Internet Service, the emails I have received from other dissatisfied WildBlue customers, and my research into the posted messages of other WildBlue customers, I most definitely don’t recommend WildBlue to anyone.

February 10, 2009

10 Weeks of Mostly No Connection!!!

My recent WildBlue experience: 10 Weeks of Occasional Internet Service. That’s right, I have now entered the tenth week of mostly-unavailable Internet connectivity. This beats last Winter’s five weeks of ZERO service by quite a bit.

WildBlue Satellite Internet “service” is unquestionably the WORST ISP on the planet, in my opinion. I am getting faster download and upload speeds on my 42 kbps dial-up account than I am getting from WildBlue most of the time. On WildBlue, I am regularly getting download speeds of 35-70 kbps and upload speeds are running between 17-30 kbps, most of the time. And that’s when I can connect at all, which is very infrequently. I am paying $79.95 per month for virtually no service, or super-slow service, and for the past 9 10+ weeks it has been nearly no service!

Are you thinking of trying out WildBlue? I have to tell you, you’d better think again. Faster downloads and uploads, and more frequent and regular Internet connectivity, can be had by using ANY dial-up service. WildBlue really SUCKS!

Think I’m just a crank? Read the emails above that were sent to me by other unhappy WildBlue customers. They, too, paid dearly for service that was not delivered. Then visit the links to read other WildBlue customer service horror stories. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Got your own WildBlue horror story? Use the Contact Form to tell us about your WildBlue experience and we’ll post it on this site.